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The Nonprofit Finance Fund is conducting its seventh annual nationwide survey examining the state of the nonprofit sector, and we hope that you will take a few minutes to share your experiences. The survey, which is anonymous and takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out, collects data on challenges and trends among nonprofits. The results help illustrate the vitality of the sector in our state, define the challenges that we all face, and provide information that advances our collective advocacy work.

Please take the survey and share it with other nonprofits in your network.


Just a reminder -- this survey is open until January 30. We encourage you to participate. See the information below.

Research tells us -- and we know from our own experience -- that it's difficult to find and keep qualified fundraisers. Just how serious is the problem? We're going to find out. We've been invited to take part in a study that will help define the extent of the "development deficit" both here in Alaska and around the country. Click here for the survey. Your responses will be confidential and anonymous. The survey will run through Friday, January 30. Please share your perspectives.


During the Foraker annual meeting yesterday, Dennis McMillian announced that he is stepping down as President/CEO. 

In response to McMillian’s announcement, Foraker outgoing Governance Board Chair Steve Marshall said that as the founder and leader who has guided Foraker’s growth for 15 years, McMillian has embraced its purpose of strengthening Alaska nonprofits with creative insight and a passion to help the sector become more sustainable and resilient. 

“Under Dennis’s leadership, Foraker has successfully made the transition from “start-up” to an organization that is highly respected among its peers in Alaska and across the country,” Marshall said.

Click here to read the press release that provides more details on Dennis's announcement.

Alaska's nonprofit sector accounts for $6.5 billion in direct expenditures. $4.4 billion is generated by charitable nonprofits, or 501(c)(3) organizations. $2.1 billion comes from other 501(c) organizations.

The sector employs 39,000 people - or 12% of the state's workforce - an increase of 7,000 from 2010. Nationally, the nonprofit sector makes up 10.6% of the workforce.

These are just a few of the statistics that are part of our latest economic impact report -- and they demonstrate the economic significance of the sector in Alaska.

Read the report here.

For some time now, we've been sharing information from the National Council of Nonprofits on changes taking place in the way nonprofits will be reimbursed for their indirect costs when they are implementing programs that are at least partially funded by the federal government. New guidance was adopted at the end of 2014 that streamlines and clarifies the rules. We strongly encourage Alaska nonprofits that receive federal funding to examine the guidance. To help you get started, the Council has published a white paper, Know Your Rights … and How to Protect Them, that analyzes your rights and highlights potential challenges you may encounter. The paper also will help you properly interpret the guidance. 

If you have any questions, please call the Foraker office, 907-743-1200.

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The National Council of Nonprofits has announced it 2015 public policy agenda, which focuses on six broad categories: tax policy, budget and spending, the economy, public-private collaborations, advocacy rights, and public accountability. You can read more on the agenda here.

The council suggests several ways organizations can use items from its agenda, including:

  • Sharing it with members of your board or public policy committee
  • Using the information to augment your own public policy agenda
  • Using it as a starting point for your own agenda if you haven't developed one

Foraker's public policy committee will present its recommended agenda to the Governance Board at the annual meeting on January 15. We'll report on the board's action here on the blog and in the February newsletter.

We are pleased to offer travel assistance for Foraker Partners attending the 2015 Leadership Summit who live outside the Anchorage area. Click here for details and an application form.

Because funds are limited, please review the criteria carefully to determine if you or a member of your organization is eligible. Deadline for applying is Friday, February 27. You will be notified no later than Tuesday, March 10, if we are able to assist you.

Assistance will include one free night at the Hotel Captain Cook and a stipend toward airfare. You may apply for lodging or a stipend toward airfare – or for both.

If you have questions, please call us at 907-743-1200.

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December 31 marked the last day in the office for our good friend and Foraker "go-to" person, Vicki Lewis. Vicki has been with us almost since we opened our doors. She has managed the education program, kept a million balls in the air during our Leadership Summits, and brought a delightful sense of humor to the office. Even though she is retiring, Vicki promises to check in with us when she's not spending time with her granddaughter.

For more than a decade, Vicki has helped edit and proofread this newsletter. So if you find a few typos in this edition, it's because we haven't yet found someone with her keen eye for detail to catch our oversights.

Thanks, Vicki, for your dedication to Foraker, our Partners, and to the sector. We'll all miss you.

In her recent blog post, Rasmuson Foundation President Diane Kaplan shares new information people will see when they go to the PFD website to file for their dividend and contribute through Pick.Click.Give. A screen will announce that beginning this year 7% of donations will be used to fund administration of PCG. As Diane says, "this is great news for the program. Why? It means that Pick.Click.Give. is no longer a start-up, but is maturing and moving toward sustainability."

Click here to read Diane's message. And we encourage you to share it with your supporters.

Happy New Year!

In less than one month, new rules go into effect that benefit nonprofits in their relationships with local, state, and federal governments. The Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Guidance, published at the end of last year, mandates that governments at all levels must reimburse nonprofits for some or all of their indirect costs (sometimes called administrative or overhead costs) for work performed under a wide variety of contracts and grants when federal grant money is involved.

For the past year, federal agencies have been revising their regulations in order to ensure consistency with the new federal reforms. OMB is expected to release Interim Final regulations from most federal agencies that will take effect by December 26, and all governments at all levels will be obligated to follow the new rules. Leading up to the formal implementation date of December 26, federal officials are continuing to make technical corrections and provide clarification for remaining questions. Last month, OMB released an updated version of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) published in late August clarifying some effective dates. Learn more about the OMB Uniform Guidance on the National Council of Nonprofits website and help nonprofit advocacy efforts by completing the short survey.

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