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 One of the scheduled Leadership Summit speakers is Peter Brinckerhoff, author and lecturer on nonprofit leadership. His book Generations: The Challenge of a Lifetime for Your Nonprofit will be included in the conference tote bag as a special gift to attendees.

About the book:

The Clock Is Ticking . . . . Is Your Nonprofit Ready?

Boomers are leaving the workforce--soon. Do you have a plan to replace them?

How do you relate to GenX and Gen@ employees, volunteers, and donors?

What are you doing--today--to adjust your services, your outreach, your mission?

The most populous generation in history, the Boomers, are getting ready to . . . to what? To retire from their for-profit jobs? Yes. To start a second career in a nonprofit? Yes. To volunteer more? Yes. To retire from their nonprofit jobs? Yes. To hand off the leadership of our nonprofits to two generations that they really don't understand? Yes. To spend a major portion of health care costs in the final years of their lives? Yes. To vote more as they age? Yes.

Read that paragraph again. This time, think about the implications for your nonprofit.

Generational change presents as many opportunities for nonprofits as challenges. In Generations: The Challenge of a Lifetime for Your Nonprofit, nonprofit mission expert Peter Brinckerhoff tells you what to expect and how to plan for it. From iPod policies to recruiting younger board members, Brinckerhoff shows how you can address generational trends, today, to keep your nonprofit organization relevant and able to meet the changing needs of your staff, volunteers, donors, and the community you serve.

Purpose: To gather nonprofit leaders from around Alaska to explore leadership issues and propose strategies for developing new leaders for the sector.

Date: January 10-11 2008

Location: Sheraton Hotel, Anchorage

Featured National Guest Speakers/Trainers:

Peter Brinckerhoff - Author and lecturer on nonprofit leadership whose recent book, Generations, explores the issue in depth
Gary Ostroske - President, United Way of Greater New Orleans, who will speak on leadership in a time of crisis
Katharine DeShaw - Executive Director, United States Artists George Elliott - Retired Executive Director, Nonprofit Resource Center of Alabama
Carlton Dufrechou - Executive Director, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation
Al Sassone - Chief Operating Officer, United Way of Greater New Orleans
Charmaine Caccioppi -- President, Louisiana Association of United Ways and Vice President of Government Relations for the United Way of Greater New Orleans
Beth Lee Terry -- Executive Vice President, Community Impact, United Way of Greater New Orleans
Anne LaRock -- Director of National Philanthropy, United Way of Greater New Orleans

Featured local guest speakers/trainers:

Dennis McMillian - President, The Foraker Group
Sven Haakanson Jr. - Executive Director, Alutiiq Museum and Archeological Repository
Katherine Gottlieb - CEO, Southcentral Foundation
Steve Marshall - Vice President for Operations Development, BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc.
Polly Carr - Executive Director, Alaska Youth for Environmental Action
Jorie Zilys - Board member, Alaska Native Professionals Association
Ann Secrest - Director of Communication, AARP Alaska
Julie Millington - Vice President, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
Catharine Persinger - Controller, Cook Inlet Tribal Council
Gwen Kennedy - Organizational Development Consultant
Steve Mahoney - Attorney, CPA, Consultant to The Foraker Group
Laurie Wolf - Vice President, The Foraker Group
George Hieronymus - COO, The Foraker Group
Mike Walsh - Director of Interior Services, The Foraker Group
Suzanne Lagoni - Partner, Nexus Northwest, Consultant to The Foraker Group

Registration fee also includes Peter Brinckerhoff's new book: Generations


Day 1: 8:30-5:00 includes breakfast and lunch 5:30-7:00 reception Day 2: 8:30-1:30 includes breakfast and lunch Click here for Agenda. (PDF file)

Travel scholarships may be available for people outside the Anchorage area. To view criteria and download the application, click here .

Special room rates are secured for this conference at the Sheraton Hotel. Please click here to make your reservations.

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