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Strategic Planning

Foraker and Strategic Planning

We believe that thoughtful strategic planning is the foundation for success in all organizations. Planning should involve board and the CEO at a minimum, with the board setting direction and the staff implementing that direction through programs and services.

Foraker’s planning process is based on the work of James Collins and Jim Porras who have conducted years of research into what makes companies thrive in the marketplace. We, like Collins and Porras, view the strategic plan as a high-level compass setting the direction for an organization’s journey of sustainability – not a detailed map showing every landmark along the way.

A strategic plan will be clear about “who you are and where you are going.” Once the strategic plan is accomplished, then organizations can take the next step of creating annual operating plans to prioritize the goals for the next 12-18 months and tactical work plans for the specific goals.

A facilitated strategic planning process takes a minimum of five hours and is divided into four basic steps:

  1. Defining your core purpose. This differs from your mission by defining in very concise terms “what business you are in.”
  2. Defining your core values. Every organization has a culture and within that culture is a set of values that drives it to meet the core purpose. Values are succinct and capture the energy and motivation for being in business.
  3. Defining the long-term strategic direction. Organizations that know “who they are” can better articulate where they are going. The long-term direction looks far into the future to an achievable and challenging outcome.
  4. Defining short-term strategic direction. Often strategic plans are filled with detailed goals that represent business as usual, almost looking like a shopping list. Instead, we view short-term direction for the next 3-4 years as the basis for future annual operating plans in which several goals are picked to focus on for the next 12-18 months.

Our time together is interactive, challenging, and fun. We strive to create a dynamic atmosphere that results in common understanding of where your organization is today and where you want it to be in the future. We support this understanding with steps you can take today to start your journey.

Our rates for strategic planning are here.

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