Standing Beside Alaska's Non-Profits

Our Business

The Foraker Group serves as the state association and nonprofit capacity building organization for nonprofits and tribes across Alaska. We are dedicated to increasing the leadership and management skills of professionals and volunteers working in Alaska’s nonprofit and tribal organizations through an innovative approach focused on our nonprofit sustainability model .

Through our four lines of business – organizational development, shared services, educational programs and advocacy – we bring innovative, high quality, and cost effective services to all corners of Alaska. Everything we do is rooted in our commitment to meet nonprofits and tribes where they currently exist, working with them to foster new skills, collaborative partnerships, sustainability, and strategic thinking.


In 1998, the United Way of Anchorage surveyed its agencies to determine what services they needed and would be willing to use in a pooled organization. Their initial list was long, but the four highest demands were assistance in fundraising, planned giving, finance, and technology. A model was developed based on a concept of sharing these four resources under one nonprofit umbrella, thereby helping other organizations afford these services which are often beyond their budgets. This model is The Foraker Group.

Foraker officially began offering shared services to the Alaska nonprofit sector in January 2001, after it secured the major financial support of the United Way of Anchorage, The Rasmuson Foundation, The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, ConocoPhillips Alaska and BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc.

Today, we offer a wide range of services and educational opportunities that help assure the success of Alaska’s nonprofit organizations.

Our Name

Our name was derived from a particular place that is part of the rugged beauty that surrounds us.  Standing next to Denali is a lesser known peak called Mount Foraker.  Back in 2001, Foraker seemed an appropriate name for our newly founded organization.  We viewed Denali as a metaphor for the nonprofit sector with Mount Foraker standing right next to it.  Foraker is part of the landscape but does not overshadow Denali, the highly esteemed landmark for Alaskans.

Foraker “stands beside” Alaska’s nonprofit professionals, working with them to build effective, strategic and sustainable organizations.

As we further researched the name, we learned that Mount Foraker was named for a 19th century United States Senator from Ohio.  Senator Foraker tried to ensure that African Americans serving their country in the military had the same rights and privileges as their Caucasian counterparts. He tried to honor them and improve their lives. Regrettably, he was removed from office before he could achieve his goal.

While Senator Foraker lost his initial battle, he eventually was immortalized for his courage and effort in a stately Alaska mountain peak.  Our intent is to honor that history by working as a partner with Alaska’s nonprofit boards, staff and volunteers to improve the lives of all Alaskans.

Our Values

The Foraker Group is a 501(c)3 organization with the core purpose of strengthening Alaska’s nonprofit sector.

Foraker’s core values are words that motivate board and staff to achieve Foraker’s core purpose by weaving the ideas into every product and service we offer. Those values are: Sustainability – Strategic – Collaboration – Rural, Urban, Native, Non-Native. This last value reflects the unique spirit of Alaska and Foraker’s commitment to serving all Alaska’s people and communities.