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Periodically I review the Letters from the CEO archive to make sure that I don’t repeat myself (too much), and to monitor how many months in a row I’ve written one of these articles. We have published the newsletter since 2004 and it became a monthly service in 2006. In July we marked the 100th … [ Read More ]

Board work continues to evolve. Thirty years ago board norms were different. Boards met monthly. They used a strong executive committee that met between board meetings to manage the executive director’s actions – EDs made few decisions without the board’s permission. Only on rare occasions did the board or executive committee meet by phone. There … [ Read More ]

This year we are partnering with Independent Sector, the leadership network for nonprofits, foundations, and corporations, to bring its 2014 National Conference to Seattle on November 16-18. The conference will feature programs highlighting the sector’s biggest names, alongside breakout sessions focused on the most complex questions of the day. With pre-conference sessions targeted to emerging … [ Read More ]

Making the relationship between board, executive, and staff work is a joint responsibility. Board and CEO both must seek a relationship that honors the organization’s values, purpose, and culture. There are several key questions that should be regularly addressed between the board and the CEO. First, is the board consistent in how much it delegates … [ Read More ]

The Foraker Group has been busy over the past months working with organizations in crisis. Most had been strong nonprofits – all were providing services important to a large number of constituents. Now, they needed help. Unfortunately, they are not alone.Three years ago the last Foraker nonprofit economic study identified trends the sector could expect … [ Read More ]

I think of my grandfather when I say, “I remember when-.” Well- I remember, I think it was in 1996, when Diane Kaplan dreamed one of her big dreams and promoted that vision to Ed Rasmuson. She proposed that one way to invest their (then) limited funding to leverage more dollars for Alaska projects would … [ Read More ]

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For sure, predicting the future is a risky business. Still, during the past year I wrote a number of articles to predict what could be on the horizon. Only time will tell if the trends we suggest – like the funding crisis, crash of the herd, or structural changes – are real or not. Or … [ Read More ]

I feel the need to respond to a Compass piece in this morning’s Anchorage Daily News in which the writer expressed concern about what she considers little benefit for funds invested. I’m not sure what organizations the writer worked in, but having worked with more nonprofits than maybe anyone in Alaska I have had a … [ Read More ]

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October 31, 2012 – Kodiak Kodiak’s seniors are not too old to celebrate Halloween! Over half the seniors at lunch today were in costume. I came as the scariest character, as an aging Baby Boomer. My generation is so afraid of growing old, but reality is catching up to us. I am learning to embrace … [ Read More ]

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Chief Shake’s House, Wrangell, Alaska – Sept. 5, 2012 Today I am in the green and beautiful southeast Alaska community of Wrangell. A few years ago I spent many days here working with the community to help them complete a new conference center and museum, the Nolan Center. Now another group, representatives of its first … [ Read More ]