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Board Manual

The Foraker Group has designed a template that can serve as a way to acquaint your board members with their roles and responsibilities without overwhelming them with too much material. When the manual is complete, it should serve as a guide to your organization’s services and history and become an easy reference to board members on how to conduct their business in an ethical and effective manner.

If you don’t currently have a training manual, you may want to form a committee of staff and board to create one based on the board manual table of contents template. Or, if you wish, you may contract with The Foraker Group to develop the manual for you. Depending on the complexity of your organization, and the availability of material such as current by-laws, policies and procedures, the cost for this service would range between $750 and $3,000. If you also would like a training for your board on the manual and its contents, that can be arranged at the standard Foraker training rates.

If you having any questions about this service, or if you would like to discuss having Foraker draft a manual for your organization, please call 743-1200.