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Fundraising Consultation

We believe that successful fundraising starts with a donor-centered culture. At Foraker, our intent is to offer training, mentoring, and facilitation to help staff and board members focus on creating a healthy culture that firmly roots the organization’s work in the science of fundraising and the art of values-driven, donor-focused activities. We know that with a little bit of training and planning every organization can be more successful in building relationships and raising money from individuals, foundations, governments, and corporations.

Below are some of the areas where our resource development professionals can help you. We provide these services through training, facilitation, or individual consultation depending on the needs of your organization. For example, we can help you with:

  • Developing policies and procedures to support your fundraising
  • Managing a donor database
  • Deciding on how to staff the fund development function and create job descriptions
  • Developing strategies to build successful relationships with donors or potential donors
  • Identifying ways to maximize the impact of your events, mail campaigns, and Pick.Click.Give.
  • Writing and implementing a donor recognition plan
  • Creating effective marketing and communication strategies that support fundraising
  • Developing donor retention strategies
  • Creating or improving the performance of the board fundraising committee
  • Finding effective print and Internet sources of information and templates

Don’t forget that we offer a range of classes on fundraising throughout the year. You’ll find a complete listing here. We can also customize our fund development training so it meets the specific needs of your board and staff – and emphasizes the role of the board in a successful development program.

Additional services include:

Mentoring for development professionals: This service pairs your development staff or executive director with one of our seasoned professionals to offer customized support. Services can include providing general feedback and reflection, or developing project specific goals. Contact us to design your support team.

Consultation and facilitation of a fund development plan: Having a plan is critical to successful donor-centered fundraising. We offer a customized approach to help you create a plan that you can implement with success. Typically, creating the plan includes board and staff discussion before and after completion to ensure that it is rooted in the organization’s culture and everyone on the team is grounded in a donor-centered perspective. The Foraker team will not write a plan for your organization but we will work one-on-one with a staff member or small team of board and staff to take the plan to completion. The development plans that we facilitate result in two documents:

  1. A high-level narrative summarizing the key decisions that drive the plan. The narrative will include a section on organizational values, goals, key audiences, a gift chart and recognition strategies. This part of the plan generally requires board approval.
  2. A tactical section that outlines how each goal will be achieved over one to three years.

Timing to complete a plan depends on each organization and the time staff and board are able to devote to the process. While there is not a “one size fits all” description of time required, it is safe to allocate a minimum of six hours of board facilitation plus 20 hours of Foraker consultation time. Complicated plans will take more time, as will plans for organizations that are new to donor-centered fundraising. For more information on how we think about fund development planning, check out our blog on the topic.

Interested in receiving fundraising services? Contact us at 907-743-1200 to make an appointment.