Standing Beside Alaska's Non-Profits


The Foraker Group is comprised of a Governance Board, an Operations Board and a team of staff and consultants whose knowledge and experience span the spectrum of work in the nonprofit sector.

The Governance Board is responsible for overall legal, financial and mission stewardship, while the Operations Board ensures that we remain relevant to the sector we serve. The Governance Board is made up of leaders, both Native and non-Native, from the for-profit, government, higher education, and nonprofit sectors and oversees Foraker’s core purpose to Strengthen Nonprofits. The Operations Board advises the Governance Board and is made up of leaders in the nonprofit sector and the funding community, including community foundations and other foundations and corporations. This unique two-pronged structure is unlike any other management service organization or nonprofit association of which we are aware. Our boards offer not just credibility, but can and do have an impact on the issues facing individual nonprofits and the sector as a whole.

We are ready to listen and work with you as a Partner to empower your staff and board to polish their skills and gain the knowledge needed to succeed. We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership that fosters growth, change, and sustainability for your organization.

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