Standing Beside Alaska's Non-Profits

Conducting Research

Foraker regularly conducts research on the Alaska nonprofit sector. Some of that research is available for a fee, like the Foraker Salary and Benefits Survey, while other work, such as our economic impact studies, is available to you at no charge.

Northwest Nonprofit Capacity Report
Foraker worked in collaboration with the Idaho Nonprofit Center, the Montana Nonprofit Association, the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, and Washington Nonprofits to prepare a comprehensive study on the capacity strengths and challenges of our region’s nonprofit sector. Our study specifically focuses on four core areas for building capacity: mission effectiveness, collaboration, public policy, and use of data and evaluation. The full report can be found here.

Alaska Nonprofit Capacity Report
Using findings from the Northwest Nonprofit Capacity Report, we created an Alaska-specific report showcasing the strengths and challenges of Alaska’s nonprofit sector.

Alaska’s Nonprofit Sector: Generating Economic Impact, January 2018
In 2007, Foraker worked with the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at The University of Alaska Anchorage to develop the first comprehensive study of the nonprofit sector’s impact on the Alaska economy. A second study was published in 2011, and the third in 2014. The latest report from January 2018 can be found at the link above. Foraker is committed to monitoring the impact of the sector on the economy, philanthropy, and public policy every three years, using the best available data and our own analysis to help nonprofit leaders address current concerns as well as plan for the future.

2016 Salary and Benefits Survey
Since 2002, Foraker has sponsored salary and benefits surveys that focus on information to help nonprofits: (1) establish a salary for a new position, (2) evaluate salary norms within the Alaska nonprofit sector, (3) compare benefit offerings and total compensation competitiveness, and (4) address the requirements in IRS Code Section 4958 requiring an independent survey for nonprofits with senior level staff at certain compensation levels. This year, the report includes a special look at gender pay equity in Alaska’s nonprofit sector.