Standing Beside Alaska's Non-Profits

Business Planning

As nonprofits look at sustainability, more and more are writing business plans. At the Foraker Group, we believe a well-written business plan is an invaluable tool for any organization, both for internal management and external funding. After exploring the templates available in the marketplace, Foraker decided to take the best of what the for-profit world has to offer and combine it in a new template for business planning that looks at both the mission AND the revenue bottom lines.

Foraker offers affordable business planning services only to our partners, based on the needs of their particular organization.  Business planning services are offered at three levels, depending on the extent and nature of services you require. Our staff/consultants will work closely with you and your organization to determine what level of service you need.

Level I: Business Plan Review

Many organizations already have a business plan, or are already well into the process of writing one. For such organizations, we will review your existing business plan, or in-process business plan, and provide feedback based on our experience and our nonprofit business planning template.

Level II: Business Plan Mentoring

Other organizations have some of the internal capacity necessary to write a business plan, but require widely varying levels of mentoring. For such organizations, we will provide that mentoring and, as necessary, the actual writing of the business plan. The hallmark of a mentoring relationship is that the organization will be able to help provide much of the information necessary to write the business pan.