Standing Beside Alaska's Non-Profits

Sabbatical Program

The Foraker Group is pleased to help support the Rasmuson Foundation Sabbatical Program.

Executives from tribes and all nonprofit sectors are eligible to apply for the Rasmuson Foundation Sabbatical Program that is designed to provide time away from the office for rest, personal renewal and professional growth.

Those who hold the positions of CEO, president, executive director or tribal administrator can apply by downloading application materials from the Rasmuson Foundation website. In addition, anyone knowing a nonprofit or tribal leader that would benefit from a Sabbatical can nominate that person online at the website, and an application package will be mailed to their nominee.

Many participants who have completed the program credit their sabbatical with preventing professional and emotional burn-out. Sabbatical program recipients have spent time reconnecting with family, traveling, and pursuing personal interests. Organizations have also benefited as boards and staff members assume additional responsibility during their leaders’ absence.

The application requires a written plan for how the organization will be managed in the leader’s absence and a letter from the organization’s board endorsing their executive’s decision to apply for the sabbatical.¬† Personal interviews with finalists play a major role in the decision process.

Guidelines and application materials are available at the Foundation’s website or by calling (907) 297-2700 or toll free (within Alaska) at 1-877-366-2700.