Standing Beside Alaska's Non-Profits

Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to clarify aspects of the New Pathways | Alaska program this FAQ page will be regularly updated based on the questions we receive from interested applicants. If you have further questions contact Heather Harris ( at The Foraker Group, who is overseeing the application process.

Here are our answers to your questions:

Q: Is New Pathways Alaska accepting applications from joint or collaborative efforts?
A: We are not accepting joint or collaborative applications to the first round of the program. You should apply for your organization on its own, even though the challenges you identify in your application may, of course, relate to collaboration and working jointly with other organizations. When the time comes in 2015, we will consider, and encourage, joint applications for Incubating Innovation – the “deep dive” into designing and testing a significant new pathway for your organization, or for groups of organizations working together.

Q: Is there funding available to support artist participation in the Workshop team?
A: We recognize the amount of time required of all individuals to participate fully in the Virtual Workshops and the On-site Coaching. Some people will either be paid staff, or formal volunteers (such as Board members). We want to enable artists and other unaffiliated individuals to take part in the program activities without giving up other paid work, so there will be a pool of funds available to pay honoraria for the time involved. We’ll let successful applicants know more about this, but you should plan on including artists in your Workshop team as much as you want.

Q: Does the organization have to be a 501(c)3 organization to apply?
A: Officially, organizations taking part in New Pathways should be registered as 501(c)3 tax-exempt entities. But, if you’re not incorporated that way, we recommend that you use a fiscal sponsor to be your applicant – support funds would then go to that entity to pay you. We don’t want to exclude vital and important initiatives just because they don’t have the required legal standing.

Q: How many people should plan to consistently attend the in-person forums in Anchorage?
A: You should plan on three people from your organization to participate in the Participant Forums in Anchorage. For those traveling to Anchorage, there will be funds to support travel and lodging. When the first group of up to 10 organizations is selected for the program, we’ll know more about whether we will be able to stretch the budget to support more than three individuals from each organization.

Q: Does everyone on my team have to be in one location to participate in the Virtual Workshops?
A: No. We understand that some board members travel Outside during the winter. We are prepared to make arrangements for them to connect as long as they have access to high speed technology.