Standing Beside Alaska's Non-Profits

How We Work

Organizations must apply to one of our funding partners for admission into the Pre-Development Program. If accepted, staff from Pre-D will meet with the organization to review the proposed project and determine the organization’s capacity to manage and maintain it.

A work plan will then be developed identifying the tasks that will need to be completed and assigning responsibility for those tasks. A project team will be established composed of staff and board representatives of the organization, a project manager from the Pre-Development Program, and technical consultants as required.

The second main step in the process is validating the project. Tasks associated with this step include documenting the need for the project; quantifying the services, workload and staffing; preparing an architectural program; selecting an appropriate site; preparing a concept plan; developing project and operating budgets; and determining the financial feasibility of the project. If the team decides the project is not feasible, the tasks in this step are repeated until a viable project is identified or it is decided not to proceed with a project at this time.

Once a viable project is developed, the information is documented (Step 3). Pre-D may also assist with the procurement of design services if requested.

All of the services provided by Pre-Development are funded through awards from our Funding Partners. A one-time participation fee — equal to an annual partnership fee with The Foraker Group — is charged to organizations to help offset operating costs.