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What We Do

“Pre-development” describes the phase of a capital project between the origination of the concept and the initiation of design.  It is the period of gathering information, exploring options, and making decisions about the direction of a project.  Inadequate planning during this phase can result in projects that are not sustainable.

The Pre-Development Program was created to promote sustainable capital projects by making sure they:

  • Meet a documented need
  • Are consistent with strategic/community plans
  • Consider opportunities for collaboration
  • Have appropriate facility and site plans and realistic project budgets
  • Are financially sustainable
  • Will not negatively affect the sustainability of the proposing organization

The unique aspect of Pre-D is that it provides organizations with the resources to meet these requirements rather than just recommending that they be met.  We provide information about the planning process, guidance through the process, and consultants to generate the technical information that may be needed.

What Pre-D does not do is:

  • Give grants – Pre-D is services, not dollars
  • Provide funds for your project
  • Guarantee your project will be funded by our Partners or others
  • Help you raise money for your project.

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