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Jul 11, 2022
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For more than a decade, Foraker has offered interim executive directors. Our interim executive pool consists of highly qualified and seasoned professionals who have led organizations for many years. They can help your board achieve stability after a crisis, give the board breathing room before taking the next step to bring in a new leader, or hold the mission steady during a change. We can place someone with your organization either full or part-time, and they can work virtually or on-site. Contractually this relationship is between Foraker and the organization eliminating the need to hire a temporary staff member. Our interim service is available to any Foraker Partner. Call us and we’ll be pleased to provide you with more information, learn about your organizational needs, and let you know how… Read more »

Jun 23, 2022
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Our biennial survey of nonprofit salaries and benefits is now open. We encourage all Alaska nonprofits to participate. Why? Workforce Development: People power our missions and deserve fair compensation. To attract and retain talent, nonprofits must set competitive wages and benefits. COVID-19: Nonprofits are a vital part of Alaska’s economy and quality of life. Understanding how nonprofit employment is changing is an essential step in planning for what comes next. This year, the survey will ask a few questions about the impacts of the pandemic on nonprofit staffing, wages, and benefits. Pay Equity: We are collecting data on the gender of workers in all 48 positions listed in the survey to inform essential conversations about gender pay equity. This information will build on our recently released report about the gender pay gap… Read more »

Jan 27, 2021
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The IRS has introduced a new Form 1099-NEC, which is the new way to report payments to others that are self-employment income. It replaces Form 1099-MISC. The forms now have different due dates and penalties for missing the filing deadlines. Although the IRS Instructions for Form 1099-NEC say they are to start in 2022 for 2021 activities – THAT IS WRONG. 1099-NECs are due by the end of this month for 2020 payments made to independent contractors or for professional fees (February 1, 2021, because January 31 falls on Sunday).  Beginning with the 2020 tax year, the IRS now requires business taxpayers to report nonemployee compensation on the new Form 1099-NEC instead of on Form 1099-MISC. Similar required filing thresholds apply to the forms: if annual payments exceed $600, one… Read more »

Dec 15, 2020
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As nonprofit leaders, it’s essential that we have the tools to make informed decisions. One of those tools is our Salary and Benefits Report – which gives us context and a comparative benchmark for compensation in Alaska’s nonprofit sector. What’s in the report? The 2020 Salary and Benefits Report features: Salary data for 48 positions including executive director, finance director, development director, administrative support, accountants, clinical support, and program staff Regional breakdown of data from Southcentral, Interior, and Southeast Alaska Data from organizations with budgets ranging from less than $100,000 to over $10 million Data from 20 types of nonprofits, including youth development, educational institutions, medical disciplines, arts, culture, and humanities groups Benefit data on medical, dental, vision, holidays and leave, retirement plans, life insurance, and more Data on gender pay gap… Read more »

Jan 19, 2020
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Are you ready for planned change? What about change that isn’t planned? Have you and your board talked about executive transition? Whether you are a new CEO, near retirement, or somewhere in between, it’s critical to know how mission will last beyond you. In this class, we will lead you through the steps that will ensure that your organization successfully manages inevitable leadership change. Come to this session with your questions, your ideas, and your next steps. Along the way, we will share some tools and a process you might consider. This session is for CEOs/executive directors. We encourage you to bring your board chair or a board member along. Three sessions of Succession Planning: Assuring a Smooth Transition When You Change Leaders are on the schedule: Wednesday, February 12, 9:00 to… Read more »

Nov 20, 2019
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It is necessary for us to reschedule this session. Please watch this blog and our class calendar for the new date and time. Support comes in many forms, both formal and informal. Come share and learn ways we can help one another as CEOs.  Maybe you are looking for specific connections to help move a project forward, or to navigate the political or economic climate. Maybe you are new to the field, or to your role. Maybe you just need a boost. Whatever the reason, we will explore the options together. Serving as a CEO doesn’t have to be lonely. Let’s connect and move ahead — supporting one another. CEO Connect — Supporting One Another will be held on Friday, November 22, 12:00 pm at the Foraker office, 161 Klevin St., Suite 101,… Read more »

Nov 1, 2019
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Starting January 1, 2020, the federal rules change for determining which employees are entitled to overtime pay and which can be treated as exempt white-collar workers. To learn if you need to adjust your pay practices to ensure you are fully complying with the law, we invite you to join a webinar on Tuesday, November 5, at 11:00 am Alaska time. Details and registration are available here. In late August, the U.S. Department of Labor issued its Overtime Final Rule that raises the minimum salary threshold that white-collar employees must be paid to remain exempt from overtime. Effective at the start of 2020, the rule raises the salary threshold from $455 per week ($23,660 per year) to $684 per week ($35,568 per year). The new rule also raises the threshold… Read more »

Jan 28, 2015
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The Nonprofit Finance Fund is conducting its seventh annual nationwide survey examining the state of the nonprofit sector, and we hope that you will take a few minutes to share your experiences. The survey, which is anonymous and takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out, collects data on challenges and trends among nonprofits. The results help illustrate the vitality of the sector in our state, define the challenges that we all face, and provide information that advances our collective advocacy work. Please take the survey and share it with other nonprofits in your network. Thanks…. Read more »

Jan 20, 2015
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Just a reminder — this survey is open until January 30. We encourage you to participate. See the information below. Research tells us — and we know from our own experience — that it’s difficult to find and keep qualified fundraisers. Just how serious is the problem? We’re going to find out. We’ve been invited to take part in a study that will help define the extent of the “development deficit” both here in Alaska and around the country. Click here for the survey. Your responses will be confidential and anonymous. The survey will run through Friday, January 30. Please share your perspectives. Thanks…. Read more »

Oct 7, 2014
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Several years ago nonprofit associations in the 5-state northwest region – Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington – came together to learn from each other how to better serve you and your organization. We have shared the various strategies we use in each of our states to assist individual nonprofits, along with the sector as a whole, to thrive. We feel our work has been enlightening about the services that are important to your organization. Thank you to those of you who participated in a survey for this project in the past. We’re asking you once again to share your thoughts with us. Your answers to our new survey will give us additional valuable information about the “state of the sector” throughout the Northwest. We are committed to using this… Read more »