Leadership Summit

Gather with us to learn, share, reflect, and network.


Join us for the Leadership Summit, the largest gathering in Alaska of nonprofit leaders. Bring your staff and your board. Unlike traditional conferences, the Leadership Summit is highly interactive, deeply engaging, and immediately applicable to your nonprofit work. We carefully select each of our national guests not only for their expertise, but for their ability to facilitate rather than just present on a topic. This means you are invited to explore a topic with them, not just have it come at you.

You will also be joined by the whole Foraker team who will be ready to provide support, make connections, and highlight new Foraker tools and resources.  Come to the summit to learn, catch up with colleagues, meet new friends, and deepen your support network.

About the Leadership Summit

When is the next summit? 

We host the Leadership Summit every two years in the spring. The next summit will be held in the spring of 2025.

Where is the summit held? 

To attract leaders from all parts of Alaska, the summit is held in Anchorage as a central location. 

How much does it cost to attend the summit?

We make every effort to keep costs low. In 2023, the summit fee was $425 for general admission or $375 for Foraker Partners. Costs may be adjusted for each summit and do not include meals, travel, or lodging.

I'm interested in helping to sponsor the summit. How can I do this?

We'd love to have you join our group of sponsors. Contact us to learn more about how you can help support the next event.

What can I learn at the summit?

Each summit has a theme to inspire and grow nonprofit leaders. 

In the past, we have explored topics like these with internationally recognized speakers:

The Single Most Important Idicator of a Healthy Nonprofit - Joan Garry, founder of The Nonprofit Leadership Lab

The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work - Scott Crabtree, Founder of Happy Brain Science

Creating a Strong, Inclusive Organizational Culture - Vu Le, Author of NonprofitAF

Getting to What Matters: On Designing Evaluation - Steve Patty, Founder of Dialogues in Action and author of Moving Icebergs: Leading People to Lasting Change

Weathering the Storm: Leadership in a Time of Disaster - Gary Ostroske, retired President of the United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area

Leading Your Nonprofit Through Generation Change - Peter Brinckerhoff, author of Nonprofit Stewardship: A Better Way to Lead Your Mission-Based Organization

The Power of Healthy Community - A Wellness Approach - Dr. Margaret Wheatley, respected speaker, teacher, and author of numerous books including Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time

The Power of Positive Emotions to Transform Organizations - Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik, PhD, author of Destructive Organizational Communication: Processes, Consequences, and Constructive Ways of Organizing

Understanding the Networked Nonprofit - Beth Kanter, author of Beth's Blog and expert on thinking and operating in a connected world

Why Your Story Matters - Thaler Pekar, pioneer in the field of organizational narrative and communication

It Starts with Your Elevator Speech: Making a Powerful Case for Donor Support - Tom Ahern, internationally recognized expert in donor communications

How to Communicate Like Your Favorite Nonprofit: Attract Supporters through Feelings, Not Facts - Kivi Leroux Miller, President, Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com

2023 Leadership Summit Sponsors

Signature ($15,000+)

Impact ($10,000+)

Focus ($5,000+)
Resiliency ($2,500+)

Kris Norosz

Partnership ($1,000)