Fundraising Action Plan

Reach your fundraising goals with a community of peers.

Our Fundraising Action Plan cohort provides a cost-effective way for your organization to focus on your fundraising strategies with a group of peers and experts on hand.

We understand that fundraising can be a challenge for many organizations and that sometimes you just want to know what to do next. The Fundraising Action Plan cohort guides you through the steps you need to take NOW to get you the funding results you want.

This is a hands-on experience that will require you to do homework and real-time work with your donors – with the support of your team, a cohort of peers, and Foraker's fund development experts. You will walk away with specific tools customized for your organization to use immediately (including organized donor data, a calendar action plan and ask language).

The cohort will consist of four, 2-hour webinars of interactive instruction, as well as up to four hours of individual consultation and coaching time with the instructors. 

Why Join The Fundraising Action Plan Cohort?

Accountability: Taking informed action on fundraising is a critical piece of every nonprofit's long-term success, yet many nonprofit leaders find it difficult to prioritize this process. This cohort experience will provide you with the framework to complete different parts of your action plan during and between each class.

Tools: Over the course of this program, you will receive many examples of tools that you can use for implementing fundraising tactics immediately.

Community: You will meet fellow executive directors, board leaders, and fund development staff who are committed to creating a supportive environment as you all focus on designing and implementing your fundraising action plan and learn how to foster a culture of philanthropy to make your nonprofits more successful.

Results: By the end of the class, your organization will have a customized fundraising action plan to guide you in taking informed next steps in your fund development.

Who Is The Fundraising Action Plan Cohort For?

The Fundraising Action Plan cohort is for executive directors of small/mid-sized/large nonprofits who are ready to take the next step in planning for your nonprofit's financial future. The executive director must be accompanied by a board member who will attend at least the first session, although they are welcome to participate in all sessions. Ideally, the board member is the board chair, the head of the board's fund development committee, or a champion for the organization's development efforts. One additional person – who is often a development staff person or a member of the board's fund development committee – may participate in the cohort. The cost of the cohort covers participation of the executive director, a board member, and one other staff person/board member.

The Fundraising Action Plan cohort is meant for nonprofit organizations who have:

  • Commitment from your board to undergo this process
  • Support from a board member (preferably the board chair or head of the board's fund development committee) to participate in at least 1 meeting to support you and the whole board in this planning process
  • Organizational willingness to form or strengthen a fund development committee
  • Eagerness to create a tactical version of the plan that outlines how each goal will be achieved
  • Interest in engaging with a peer network to share your fund development planning goals
  • A commitment to growing individual philanthropy
  • Individual donors, or a desire to have them
  • Willingness to write a narrative fund development plan summarizing key decisions
  • Ability to make the financial and time commitments to complete the program

How Often Will We Meet?

The cohort will consist of four, 2-hour webinars of interactive instruction, as well as up to four hours of individual consultation and coaching time with the instructors.

What About Donor Privacy?

Throughout the course your financial and donor data will be treated as confidential, and you will not be required or expected to share any sensitive data with either The Foraker Group, instructors, or class participants.

What is the cost?

The cost to attend is $1950, or $1800 for Foraker Partners. The cost covers participation for up to three members of your team. 

Are scholarships available?

Yes, you can apply for a tuition discount.

When is the next Fundraising Action Plan cohort?


Class Topic When Where Board member attendance required?
1 Overview: Culture of philanthropy and understanding your donor data Monday, September 19, 10am-12:15 pm Zoom online Yes
2 Building better relationships by reporting back to your donors Monday, October 3, 10am-12:15 pm Zoom online Optional
3 Crafting the right ask for right now Monday, October 17, 10am-12:15 pm Zoom online Optional
4 Recognizing your donors and planning your next moves Monday, October 31, 10am-12:15 pm Zoom online Optional

How does my organization apply?

The Fundraising Action Plan cohort application is currently closed. If you would prefer individual fundraising consultation, please click here for more information and contact us.