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The Microphone is Always On: Techniques for Controlling the Interview

An effective interview is one of the best ways to inform the community about the work your team does and those they serve. So why are you so scared? This entertaining and immersive seminar will teach you how to take control of an interview. You’ll learn how to avoid verbal traps and bridge negative questions into positive responses.  Watch examples of those who’ve had training, and those who have not.  By the end of the seminar you will not only be prepared for your next interview, you might actually look forward to it!

Taught by John Tracy.
John Tracy has offered this training to corporate and nonprofit clients since 2008. As a former Emmy award-winning reporter with more than 30 years as a news manager and consultant, John brings a unique perspective from training reporters on the techniques he will share with you. 

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Add to Calendar November 7, 2018
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
The Foraker Group Training Room
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