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The Essentials of Nonprofit Management Webinar Series: Human Resources

Are you new to a management position or new to the nonprofit sector? Are you looking to apply nonprofit best practices to your workplace?  In this series we’ll explore the core framework for running a nonprofit and the elements that will help you to make sound management decisions.

The series will include five courses to enhance your nonprofit management skills:

Sustainability – Learn how to use Foraker’s Nonprofit Sustainability Model to guide your strategic decisions and to advance your mission.
Human Resources - Learn the key ways to manage people – through recruitment, recognition, and retention.
Board Development - Grow your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the board – and improve the board-staff partnership along the way.
Finance – Learn how to keep your organization financially stable and how to recognize the signs of financial crisis. 
Fundraising – Improve your approach to receiving charitable donations by learning how to adapt your strategies to different audiences

This is the second class in a five-part series. You must register for the first class in order to take all five classes.

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Add to Calendar December 10, 2018
12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Statewide Webinar
Rebecca Savidis [Details]