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Philanthropy Lecture Series: Does Fundraising Create New Giving?

Partner: $15.00 / General: $25.00

Join us for guest Lecturer Jonathan Meer - professor of economics at Texas A&M University as he shares his research findings on the question- Does Fundraising Create New Giving?  

Despite the increased focus on the science of philanthropy in recent years, charitable giving has remained fairly stable at around two percent of GDP in the United States. Given the vast literature on specific fundraising approaches, this observation raises the question of whether fundraising activities by a charity increase overall giving or merely crowds out some other part of an individual’s altruism budget. The answer is of great importance to the literature on altruism and policy questions like the impact of tax preferences for charitable giving.

The 2019 Philanthropy Lecture Series is co-hosted by The UAA Department of Economics, Rasmuson Foundation, and The Foraker Group.

No scheduled dates for this event. If you would like to schedule this event for your community please contact us.