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Leadership and Management: Fundamentals Every Supervisor Should Know

Partner: $100.00 / General: $200.00

This three part series covers the essentials of supervision including leadership theory, labor legislation, and putting the three R’s---recruiting, retention and recognition---into practice. 

Class 1: Getting Grounded in the Why

Leading and managing others is a skill that takes practice and years of refining. In this course we will discuss leadership theory, get grounded in why effective supervision matters, your responsibility as a leader,  and how various approaches may help you manage your team more effectively. We’ll also review labor legislation so you can supervise within the limits of the law.

Class 2: The Three R’s of Employee Relations (Recruiting, Retaining and Recognizing)

Effective recruiting begins with the end in mind.  In this session we’ll discuss retaining the right employees by recruiting the right employees.  This session will provide the nuts and bolts of recommended recruiting practices that aren’t just about hiring someone, but hiring the right someone. 

Class 3: The Importance of Recognition

A vital and sometimes overlooked element of employee relations is recognition. How are you recognizing your employees in a way that encourages them to do their best? In this session you’ll learn strategies for creating a culture of recognition, including a positive, forward-focused evaluation process.  We’ll also discuss when corrective action is needed and tips for having difficult conversations with your staff.

This course encourages peer learning and welcomes those new to supervision and experienced leaders.  Although this interactive series follows covers the topics listed above, the timing may be adjusted to meet the needs of the group. 

No scheduled dates for this event. If you would like to schedule this event for your community please contact us.