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Nonprofit Finance

Budgeting for Nonprofits

Partner: $35.00 / General: $65.00

Is your organization struggling to create a usable budget?  Do you wonder what the budget process should entail? Regardless of the size of your organization, creating a budget is an essential step in meeting your goals and accomplishing your mission. Budgeting is a process of estimating revenue and expenses over a specified period of time – and a properly prepared budget allows an organization to react in real time to unforeseen changes.

In this course you will learn:

  • How all aspects of sustainability play a role in budget planning
  • How to use your budget to measure success and know when to make adjustments when you get off track
  • How roles differ between board and staff in budget creation and evaluation
  • The key tools you’ll need for creating your operating budget

When you have completed this class, you will better understand the budget process and have the tools you need to create and improve your organization's budget.

No scheduled dates for this event. If you would like to schedule this event for your community please contact us.