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Marketing and Communication

Building a Marketing and Communications Plan

Partner: $120.00 / General: $240.00

The Foraker Nonprofit Marketing & Communication Series |  Building a Marketing and Communications Plan

You need to connect with donors, staff and stakeholders, but you don’t have a plan, and you don’t have a big budget. Marketing planning is more than keeping your website and social media up to date. An effective marketing plan involves research, measurable goals and targeted messaging. This series uses the Foraker Nonprofit Sustainability Model to help you identify your audience and reach them in the most cost-effective way.

Class 1- Marketing Your Mission

This class will put you on the right path to developing your marketing plan. Learn the advantages of customer-oriented marketing and how to develop your core competencies. Determine your brand, and explore whether your organization needs a new one. And learn how to effectively reach your goals and objectives through research.

Class 2- Think Small – Target Your Message for BIG Results.

You only have a short opportunity to connect with your audience, whether it’s a donor, volunteer or client. Learn how to develop your positioning statement and make it connect with your audience. Identify the elements of a strong message, and how to reach your target by thinking small. You will see examples of how leading nonprofits effectively use the techniques you will learn.

Class 3- Managing Your Medium

You’ve got a great message, but where do you meet your target audiences? There is no single tactic that works for every organization. Learn best practices for your website and social media. Write a press release that actually generates interest. And learn how to make your marketing dollar stretch further with earned media techniques that deliver results.




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