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The Power of a Fund Development Plan

Do you have a lot of fundraising tactics and strategies but want to tie them together for a better outcome? Are you interested in making fundraising a “team sport?” Are you curious how to put the donor at the center of all your fundraising? If charitable giving is a significant part of your annual budget then planning is essential to success. A fund development plan isn’t magic, but it does a lot to bring focus and energy to your efforts. It also ensures that you work smarter – not harder. Your fund development plan can provide great discussion, engagement, and focus to all your fundraising efforts. In this class you will:

  • Explore a framework for thinking about a fundraising plan
  • Discover ways to engage board, staff, and volunteers in building a positive culture of philanthropy
  • Learn tools that are the foundation of any comprehensive plan
  • Develop new ideas and action steps

When you have completed this class, you will have all the essential tools to develop a plan that is strategic, workable, and measurable – and, we hope, at least a little bit fun. 

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