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Developing your Theory of Change: Using tools to move your organization forward

We all have many tools in our organizational tool box including: core purpose, core values, mission statement, strategic plans, budgets, operating plans – but none of those documents tell the whole story of how your core work is truly making change. A theory of change is the tool that explains how your short, mid and long-term outcomes reach your ultimate definition of success. It is a tool for organizational alignment that also allows you to integrate your work with others in the field. Once complete, you can develop a “dashboard” or set of metrics to determine if you are on track – in essence is your theory occurring as you planned? Together, a theory of change and a dashboard can be tools for the board, staff, and funding partners to track success or strategically make adjustments. In this class you will:

  • Review the major concepts behind a theory of change
  • Learn the difference between outcomes, preconditions, and indicators
  • Learn how to define what is important
  • Distinguish what you do from why you do it
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