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501 Alternatives

Partner: $450.00 / General: $550.00

There are many pathways to serving the greater good, and they don’t all require the setup of an IRS approved nonprofit. Formalizing a charitable organization takes time, research and long-term commitment. While nonprofits accomplish incredible feats within our communities, there are varying ways you can apply your passion for a cause. Are you ready to put your ambition to work?

501 Alternatives is designed for those who have the desire and the support to fill a need in their community. Whether you are considering partnering with an existing organization, forming a coalition, starting a chapter of an already up-and-running non-profit or exploring the benefits of fiscal sponsorship, this course will prepare you to hit the ground running for your charitable cause.

A portion of this new course will be dedicated to the importance of identifying your mission, forging community relationships and establishing funder connections.

The class consists of two, 2-hour webinars of interactive instruction with three sessions of customized mentorship (45 minutes per month / 3 months). Up to 2 additional members of your group are encouraged to join.

No scheduled dates for this event. If you would like to schedule this event for your community please contact us.