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Board Development

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Partner: $35.00 / General: $65.00

Are you looking for helpful information about your board service in a short amount of time?  Do you wish you had a fuller understanding of your role as a board member or want to mentor new board candidates? Do you hold the staff leadership position and wonder how you can better partner with your board? This class offers important  information for you whether you are a well-seasoned or first-time board member. You will learn:

  • How your organization fits in context with other Alaska nonprofits
  • How different types of boards are configured and function
  • The roles and responsibilities  for board members
  • The key differences between staff and board responsibilities

When you leave this class, you will better understand the board's role in helping your organization accomplish its mission.

No scheduled dates for this event. If you would like to schedule this event for your community please contact us.