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Board Development

Effective Board Meetings

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Do you wonder how your board can use its precious time to better focus on discussion, decisions and mission related education?  Do you want to encourage the effective use of ad hoc committees? Do you want to better share information before, during and after each meeting without listening to reports? Do you want to know how to effectively use Robert’s Rules without letting the process overtake productive discussion? This class delves into the common challenges in running productive meetings and provides tools for good planning and effective communication.  We cover these aspects of board meetings:

  • The components of effective meetings
  • The need to attend to both the “heart” and the “head” of each participant
  • The appropriate use of a consent agenda
  • Ways to effectively reach a decision
  • The role of committees in maximizing “face-time” at a board meeting
  • The key differences between staff and board responsibilities before, during and after a  meeting

You will leave this class with an understanding of how you can assure effective meetings that help your organization accomplish its mission. 

(Please note, this course does not provide instruction on Robert's Rules of Order)

No scheduled dates for this event. If you would like to schedule this event for your community please contact us.