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Advocating for Your Mission - The Basics

Partner: $35.00 / General: $65.00

As busy nonprofit leaders, who has time for public policy or advocacy?  For Alaska’s nonprofit sector the answer is clear: everyone needs to make time!  In fact, we don’t have the time NOT TO ENGAGE in policy issues.  In this course you will learn more about the important link between active advocacy and meeting mission, and how to build a stronger and more effective internal Culture of Advocacy within your nonprofit organization. 

1.    Does your board understand how more advocacy equals more mission?  Learn how to help your board see the link between the two. 

2.    Did you know some lobbying is allowed? Learn what you can actually do and stay within federal, state and local laws. 

3.    Do you know how to develop an advocacy plan? Explore the elements of a forward-thinking plan and how it can help meet your advocacy goals. 

By the end of this class you will have a working knowledge of the concepts, the tools and the practices – to start building or strengthening an effective Culture of Advocacy within your organization, and in doing so increase the ability of your board and staff to stand for your mission!

No scheduled dates for this event. If you would like to schedule this event for your community please contact us.