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Pay Equity in Alaska

As part of its 2016 Salary & Benefits Survey, Foraker gathered data on pay equity in Alaska’s nonprofit sector, This is the first time such data has been compiled for our state. The report highlights the results for the top-level employees in the nonprofit workplace. We understand that this issue is much deeper and wider than simply the pay of those employees. To that end, we encourage everyone reading and using this report to consider the best and emerging practices we offer in the closing section and apply them to every job classification in your workplace. Our goal is to find pay equity across all job classifications throughout the sector.

Fair and equitable pay is the law in our country, and yet we have more work to do, both in and out of the nonprofit sector, to achieve pay equity. Alaska is no different. Foraker will remain committed to working with other nonprofits, government, and businesses around the state to raise the issue and find solutions.