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Partner Assessment Survey

Step 1 of 6: Primary Contact Information

Thank you for choosing to be a Foraker Partner. This step indicates that you share our commitment to improving the lives of Alaskans by building strong and effective nonprofit organizations. As a condition of your partnership, we ask that you complete our Partner Assessment Survey, which we have found is a helpful tool to track your organization's path to a thriving future.

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions – they simply provide a snapshot in time of your internal structure. The survey helps us discuss the ways we can help you meet your goals. Each year you complete it, we are better able to track your sustainability and provide criteria to assist in your planning. We've found, too, the survey can help new board and staff to better understand your journey on the road of sustainability. By monitoring a few key indicators that relate to all our Partners, we also use the survey to gauge the sustainability of Alaska's nonprofit sector as a whole. This information guides our planning for programs and services that keep up with the needs of all Alaska nonprofits.

Your survey results are proprietary to your organization. We do not disclose the answers to anyone but your designated leaders. At no time will we share individual results with others including the public, funders, other nonprofits, or the government.

Your partnership is made up of three annual components:

  1. Completing the Partner Assessment Survey. Please see below.
  2. Meeting with a member of our staff to set goals for the next year based on your answers to the survey and your current concerns. This is not required, but is encouraged.
  3. Taking advantage of Foraker's high-quality, cost-effective assistance to staff and boards through our shared services, organizational development, and educational opportunities.

The survey will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete. Before you begin, make sure you have the following information readily available:

  • Contact Information for your organization.
  • Demographics for your organization including names of board members and contact information, number of employees, and tax status.
  • Information regarding the focus of your organization such as strategic, annual and business plans.
  • Information on your unrestricted cash and sustainable income including sources of income and your fund development plan
  • The names of organizations (either nonprofits or businesses) with which you have established partnerships and a description of your relationships with them
  • General information on board/staff balance for your organization including statistics on turnover and annual evaluations
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