Johnson Amendment

Advocate to protect nonprofit nonpartisanship.

Protect the Johnson Amendment

Federal legislation continues to be championed that will politicize charitable nonprofits, religious congregations, and foundations. While recent attempts to repeal the long-standing Johnson Amendment have failed, it is imperative that we continue to advocate to protect nonprofit nonpartisanship.

Imagine a day when the line between politics and charitable work becomes so blurred that charitable nonprofits including religious institutions are actively engaged in encouraging people to vote for or against a particular candidate for public office. Imagine a day when nonprofits are no longer standing up for transparency and holding themselves accountable to the public’s trust. We do not want to see this day in Alaska or in our nation. And we need your help to make sure this day never comes.

The national effort to repeal the Johnson Amendment is unnecessary, harmful, and unwelcome. The consequences of repealing the amendment are real.

We feel strongly that the repeal of the Johnson Amendment is completely unnecessary. Nonprofits and their individual staff, board members, and volunteers already have many legal avenues to freely express their views on a wide range of policy issues. And as individual Americans, they are still afforded the right to free speech. Changes to the Johnson Amendment will only harm religious freedom and free speech – values that are fundamental to our nation and our people.

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