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May 17, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

As nonprofit leaders we make difficult financial decisions every day and are driven to do what is best by the communities and people we serve. We know that the essential services we provide, the gifts we create for community, and the economic opportunities we create all work because we do it as partners with government, private industry, and individual philanthropists. No one operates in a vacuum, and we need each other. Even if your organization receives no funding directly from government, each decision impacts the people and places we serve. This is Alaska – we are all connected. I strongly encourage you to see public policy as an essential element of your mission. Whether it is getting involved to ensure a full and accurate count of every Alaskan in the 2020 Census, or standing up for the communities where you live, or communicating directly with your legislators, we strongly encourage you to get engaged. In each message you deliver, we encourage you to dispel the myths of your work. Highlight how your mission is serving Alaska communities, and how we are part of, but not the sole solution, to the challenges that face Alaskans. I encourage you to be at the table for discussions and decisions so that decisions are made with us if they are about us. In this way, we can focus on building an Alaska that works for all Alaskans. At Foraker we are proud to be the nonpartisan, nonprofit voice of the nonprofit sector and to amplify your incredible work every day. We endeavor to work closely with government at every level and in many ways. We are standing with all of you as we work to create and sustain the Alaska that works for all of us.