2022 Salary & Benefits Survey

The Foraker Group - 2022 Salary & Benefits Survey

Every two years we ask you to tell us how you compensate your staff. With your participation in the Foraker Salary & Benefit Survey, we are able to create a tool for Alaska nonprofits to use in making important personnel decisions.

This year, for the first time, we are running our survey in collaboration with the Hawaii Association of Nonprofit Organizations (HANO), our sister organization in the 50th state. We share many characteristics with Hawaii and we are pleased to coordinate with HANO on survey questions and methodology. Results will be reported separately.

The survey is designed to help you establish a salary for a new position, evaluate salary norms within the Alaska nonprofit sector, and compare your organization's benefit offerings and total compensation competitiveness. The report can be used to find information relevant to you - breaking the data down by job titles, organization budget size, and by sub-sector. Again this year, we are asking organizations to specify staff gender in order to gauge pay equity, and we are collecting data on race to begin our understanding of the practices Alaska organizations have in place to encourage and support a diverse workforce.

Organizations participating in the survey may have a copy of the executive summary at no charge. The pricing for the survey report is located in the participant section.

The survey is open for participation through August 7, 2022.

Thank you. Your participation allows this resource to exist.

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Please contact MJ Brown if you have questions - call (269) 207-7386 or email mj.brown@forakergroup.org.

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