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A special thanks to those who who donated to Foraker through Pick.Click.Give.! We’re honored that our work is among the causes you care most about – together we are creating a thriving nonprofit sector that meets diverse community needs across the state. Thank you all!: Stephanie Allen Lisa Aquino Bruce Botelho Angela Cox Patuk Glenn … [ Read More ]

Have you seen the new Pick.Click.Give. communication toolkit? Use logos, shareable images, email signatures, postcard templates and more to promote your organization to your stakeholders and donors! You can find this great resource on the Pick.Click.Give website.

More than 660 Alaska nonprofits participated in Pick.Click.Give. this year, and we were very pleased when we learned the results of the 2017 campaign. By the end of the PFD filing period on March 31, 26,128 Alaskans pledged $2,702,450 — an amazing total from many generous donors. Congratulations to all the organizations who worked hard to … [ Read More ]

Thanks to everyone who participated in Pick.Click.Give. this year. With pledges of $3.19 million, 2016 marked the second highest level of donations since the program started eight years ago. Jason Grenn, PCG manager, has reported that a total of 29,543 individuals made 49,856 pledges. Of the 543,879 people who filed for a 2016 Permanent Fund … [ Read More ]

We are in the final stretch of the Pick.Click.Give. campaign —  for many nonprofits this is the most important time to encourage giving to their organization. Thousands of Alaskans have yet to file for their PFD. As the March 31 deadline draws near, your organization has the opportunity to connect with potential donors and share your mission widely. To … [ Read More ]

Pick.Click.Give. is currently accepting applications from nonprofit organizations that would like to participate in the 2016 charitable giving campaign. Applications must be submitted each year. The deadline for filing is March 31, 2015. Click here for more information.

In her recent blog post, Rasmuson Foundation President Diane Kaplan shares new information people will see when they go to the PFD website to file for their dividend and contribute through Pick.Click.Give. A screen will announce that beginning this year 7% of donations will be used to fund administration of PCG. As Diane says, “this … [ Read More ]

Do you want some tips for promoting your involvement in Pick.Click.Give. and for recognizing your donors? We have a series of classes that will help you do just that. Click here for the schedule and description of each session. Sign up now for any or all the classes. They’re free — but you do need … [ Read More ]

Alaskans set a record in 2014 for donations made to local nonprofits through Pick.Click.Give. More Alaskans than ever before participated in the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) charitable donation program, sharing millions of dollars with Alaska’s nonprofits. According to the Alaska Department of Revenue, as of April 1, 26,773 Alaskans donated $2,771,400 from their PFDs, which … [ Read More ]

Have you heard about the “Double Your Dividend” sweepstakes for Pick.Click.Give.? Alaskans who make a gift between now and March 31 have a chance to win a cash prize equal to the amount of the 2014 PFD. You’ll find all the details here. To help you promote “Double Your Dividend,” PCG has developed the graphics … [ Read More ]