Learn the Issues

Learn about the issues - and take action!

As nonprofit leaders, we fulfill a variety of missions to improve our communities. We are part of life in Alaska. It’s essential that we talk to local policy makers and state and federal political leaders about the value of Alaska’s nonprofit sector.

We invite you to join us in advocating for the following issues that have an impact on your mission and the sector. Want to find out more? Call in to our Advocacy in Action sessions to stay up to date and learn how you can get involved.

Our Advocacy Objectives

Position nonprofits to navigate federal relief and infrastructure funding

We promote access to up-to-date information about federal pandemic relief and infrastructure funding to the sector and encourage multi-sector collaborations to gain access to additional funding.

Preserve nonprofit tax exemptions

Nonprofits are tax exempt for good reason – they provide services to the community that lessen the burden on government, better leverage public dollars, and help maintain quality of life. We monitor for inappropriate taxation and fee proposals that impact nonprofits, particularly at the local and state levels. Is your city or borough considering a tax on nonprofits? Contact us here and let us know.

Advance equity-based public policy

We are committed to advocating for legislative and regulatory changes that create an equitable Alaska – including ending the gender pay gap. We will also support legislation to protect voting rights, acknowledging that many efforts to suppress voting specifically and adversely target people of color and those who are primarily served by nonprofit organizations.

Promote improvements to compliance requirements that adversely impact nonprofits

We advocate for changes in the state’s background check program and pursue remedies to prevent further adverse impacts on nonprofits.

Position nonprofits to have a voice in creating a stable economy

The state’s fiscal situation has an impact on every Alaskan. Nonprofits are an essential part of the solution and need to be included in conversations about the economy. Our Economic Impact Report is designed to help nonprofits convey their contributions to the economy.

Advance an affordable health insurance option for nonprofits

Many nonprofits are unable to offer employees health insurance because of the enormous costs. For many years Foraker has searched for solutions. This year, working with other sectors and organizations, we recommit to finding affordable healthcare options that will support a high quality and stable workforce for the sector.

Support prompt payment legislation or regulatory change

Timely payment of state government dollars to Alaska nonprofits is an important part of healthy, productive government/nonprofit partnerships. We support legislation or regulatory changes to ensure that state funding and federal funds passed through the state are dispensed to nonprofits both promptly and equitably for the benefit of Alaskans.

Support nonprofits as they mobilize communities in accessing high-speed broadband

Quality jobs, health care, and education all require access to affordable broadband. Unfortunately, many communities in Alaska lack access because of high costs and lagging speeds. We support efforts to address these barriers.

Highlight sub-sector issues that are essential to our economy

Typically we focus on issues that affect the entire nonprofit sector, or a vast majority of the sector. In these unprecedented times we are committed to lending support to sub-sector issues such as childcare availability and arts vibrancy. We support nonpartisan sub-sector organizations and coalitions in their own public policy advocacy.

Position Alaska for success in the 2030 Census

Charged with organizing and leading The Alaska Census Working Group in the lead up to the 2020 Census, The Foraker Group, along with our statewide partners, in particular Cook Inlet Housing Authority, made strides towards creating a fair, accurate, and equitable  Census count in Alaska. A report of the group’s efforts can be found here. The most significant thing we learned was that when it comes to the census, we cannot afford to start from scratch every ten years. Foraker continues to be engaged at the policy level and on the ground in our communities as we prepare for the 2030 Census.

Public Policy Sub-Sector Issues

At Foraker, we focus on issues that affect the entire nonprofit sector, or a vast majority of the sector. If you are interested in advocating for what we would call “sub-sector” issues like housing, youth development, or the environment, we encourage you to learn about existing advocacy networks such as:

Contact us to let us know if you have a advocacy group to add to this list.