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Foraker Group Educational Opportunities
If you do not see a class listed for your community or do not see the class you want, please call The Foraker Group at (907) 743-1200 to discuss training options.

Classes & Series

These sessions are open to board, staff and volunteers who are interested in learning more about the skills required to build strong and effective organizations.

Special Briefings

From time to time, Foraker hosts special trainings or workshops to highlight an area of special interest to the sector.

Leadership Summit

Every few years, Foraker convenes its Leadership Summit to focus on a theme that is relevant to the Alaska nonprofit sector. Our first two summits, in 2008 and 2010, each gathered more than 400 people from all parts of Alaska to hear nationally recognized speakers address current issues.

Certificate in Nonprofit Management

This statewide program is offered in partnership with the University of Alaska and held in Anchorage. Developed by leading experts in nonprofit leadership and management, the program is designed for Alaska nonprofit professionals in leadership positions who want to enhance their management skills and explore a full range of issues and best practices to use in their organizations. It provides a network of faculty and peers to call on after the program ends and teaches theories and practices that can transfer directly from the classroom to the student's workplace.

Catalyst for Nonprofit Excellence

Whether you are on top of your game or looking to take your skills and knowledge to the next level, you will measurably enhance your results and your experience of life when you participate in this program.

Ask The Expert

As a benefit to Partners, we offer free half hour consultation each quarter on select topics. We pick a day and a topic, you sign up for a time slot and come with questions. Join our newsletter to stay up to date on current offerings.

CEO Connect

Peer-to-peer conversations among CEO's on select topics

Executive Leadership Initiative

Foraker's Executive Leadership Initiative will assist executive directors who have been in their position for less than three years and want to take the next step in leading their organizations and increasing job satisfaction.

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