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For time to time, there are opportunities to amplify our nonprofit voice by working together to ask for change. We know we are stronger when we work together.

Check out the policy alerts from the last year from the most recent to the past that reflect Foraker’s current public policy priorities.  If you are curious where these issues stand today contact us.

Jun 10, 2024
Posted Under: Advocacy Government President's letter

Some days more than others, we need to remind ourselves that nonprofits are a hallmark of a healthy democracy and a thriving economy. Today is one of those days. In other countries nonprofits are referred to as non-governmental organizations to indicate their separate relationship from the government, since it is the IRS that deems the reality of our existence in this country, we are framed from a tax perspective. In either case, our role is essential in the depth and breadth of our services that the government either will not or cannot provide and inherently will fail in a market-driven economy. The rationale for our existence in a thriving economy is also long – just look around at how each of your communities operates. Ask yourself, who is doing the… Read more »

May 6, 2024
Posted Under: Advocacy Government

Major developments are underway in federal grantmaking! The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has announced significant revisions to the Uniform Guidance, promising big changes in how organizations access federal funds. For many nonprofits, this will mean easier application and reporting processes and more funding for indirect costs/overhead. Join a free webinar, Thursday, May 30 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm Alaska time, as OMB officials Deidre Harrison and Steven P. Mackey discuss the latest revisions, implementation timelines, and real-life implications for charitable nonprofits. Register to save your spot…. Read more »

Apr 11, 2024
Posted Under: Advocacy

The federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has announced major reforms to the Uniform Guidance, the set of common rules governing most federal grantmaking to charitable nonprofits, state, local, and Tribal governments.  The reforms correct longstanding challenges in the government grants process that have limited nonprofit effectiveness, discouraged qualified organizations from seeking and performing under federal grants, and wasted billions of dollars and countless hours in needlessly complex reporting requirements. Specifically, the revisions to the OMB Uniform Guidance, which becomes effective October 1, 2024, address longstanding problems in recovering actual costs, advance equity by removing bureaucratic barriers, and make other significant reforms that will reduce burdens and costs of seeking, performing, and reporting on grants using federal funds…. Read more »

Mar 5, 2024
Posted Under: Advocacy

Update March 6, 2024 This morning the subcommittee voted to preserve full funding for the Human Services Community Matching Grants and the Community Initiative Matching Grant. We did it! Nonprofit power at work! Thank you to everyone who reached out to the subcommittee. We will continue to monitor these appropriations as the budget makes its way through the legislative process. Please stay alert for announcements about opportunities to provide public testimony to the full Finance Committee.  March 5, 2024 The House Finance Subcommittee on Health and Social Services is proposing significant cuts to the Department of Health – Human Services Community Matching Grant ($300,000 or a 23% reduction) and the Community Initiative Matching Grant ($400,000 or a 70% reduction).  These matching grants provide essential services to Alaska’s most vulnerable populations…. Read more »

Feb 9, 2024
Posted Under: Advocacy President's letter

Last month we rolled out our public policy priorities for 2024. This month I want to share more about this work and call your attention to some specific actions we need from each of you. Back in 2009, Foraker formally became the state nonprofit association and part of a group of 42 peer organizations across the country. This action not only validated our role in the convening and research but it also got us thinking differently about our role in public policy. Our signature effort to that point had been publishing nonprofit economic reports, and writing the original legislation and hiring the lobbyist to create what is now Pick.Click.Give. We didn’t engage much in public policy until I became CEO in 2015. Since then, we have taken part in extraordinary… Read more »

Oct 23, 2023
Posted Under: Advocacy

The National Council of Nonprofits reports that changes proposed by the Biden administration to the rules governing federal grantmaking would “correct longstanding challenges that have limited nonprofit effectiveness, discouraged qualified organizations from seeking and performing under federal grants, and wasted billions of dollars and countless hours in needlessly complex reporting requirements.” In announcing the reforms, the administration said that the “proposal will materially decrease the burden on recipients of federal financial assistance, advance equity and job growth across the country, and meaningfully improve the administration of federal financial assistance.” The proposal would amend rules for grantmaking to charitable nonprofits, state, local, and tribal governments, and others. Public comments on the changes will be taken until December 4, 2023. Read more from the Council here…. Read more »

Sep 29, 2023
Posted Under: Advocacy

The 2018 federal government shutdown lasted 35 days. Today we are standing on the precipice of another shutdown. To avoid a “partial shutdown,” Congress must pass a stopgap bill known as a continuing resolution – the CR – by tomorrow to provide temporary funding to run the government. A federal shutdown translates to real and potentially devastating impacts on people, communities, and nonprofits that Americans rely on every day. Previous shutdowns proved in too many ways that nonprofits will once again be called on to provide a safety net for individuals who are without a paycheck. These same nonprofits already are operating within fragile systems with too few employees and fewer volunteers and philanthropic investments, which are the result of pandemic shifts and a lack of funding from state governments… Read more »

Jul 11, 2023
Posted Under: Advocacy

As many are aware, the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on loan forgiveness will impact current and future employees of the nonprofit sector. Many years ago our colleagues at CalNonprofits identified student loan debt as one of the largest contributing factors in attracting and retaining a robust workforce.  They developed tools like The Nonprofit Student Debt Toolkit  and a number of other California specific loan tools.  Alaska’s workforce is no different–  we know that the need to pay loan debt is a deciding factor about one’s ability to participate and stay in the nonprofit workforce.  We encourage you to understand the impact of student loan debt as a contributing factor to attracting and retaining your workforce.  Our partners at the National Council of Nonprofits provided a recap of the Supreme Court’s… Read more »

Jun 13, 2023
Posted Under: Advocacy

Do you have an opinion on the state’s proposed changes to Medicaid payment rates for select hospital and long-term care facilities? Then don’t miss this opportunity to speak up, and your voices heard! The State of Alaska Department of Health will be holding a public hearing on its proposed payment rates at 10:00 a.m. on June 23, 2023: Need more information on proposed rates? Learn more here:…/RateReview/Rate-Setting.aspx… Read more »

Jun 2, 2023
Posted Under: Advocacy President's letter       Tags: Alaska Board Match, volunteerism

At Foraker, we often talk about nonprofit sector data as BAD or best available data. Unfortunately, most data aren’t even BAD, but instead are anecdotal based on a small survey or a narrow, unrepresentative sample. Even worse, it is data that grabs you with a “click bait” title and results in trying to sell our sector something. I crave representative data and find myself skipping to the end of every report to see how the data was collected and if Alaska was even included in “national research.” Sadly, it often is not. For these reasons, we are committed to working with Partners to gather the very best data we can from a variety of trusted sources to produce Alaska’s Nonprofit Sector: Generating Economic Impact. It is a big lift, so… Read more »