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Check out the policy alerts from the last year from the most recent to the past that reflect Foraker’s current public policy priorities.  If you are curious where these issues stand today contact us.

Dec 11, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

Join Foraker and nonprofits across the state in a series of one-hour conversations on the impact of Governor Dunleavy’s budget on nonprofits and their mission. We will look at ways to engage your board, staff, and volunteers in the conversation, and we will offer practical tools that will make it easy for your team to … [ Read More ]

Nov 25, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

As a benefit to Partners, we offer free half-hour phone consultations on a variety of topics. This quarter the topic is about preparing for the 2020 legislative session. The session will be held on Wednesday, December 11. Is your organization considering advocating on the state budget? Or maybe you already have an advocacy program in … [ Read More ]

Nov 9, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

This is a critical time for nonprofit leaders — staff and board members — to comment on Governor Dunleavy’s FY2019 proposed budget. This budget will have a long-lasting impact on virtually all nonprofits and their ability to carry out missions. December 15 is the deadline for comment. During this webinar, Foraker’s VP and Director of … [ Read More ]

Aug 16, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

Earlier this week, Governor Dunleavy asked how nonprofits could contribute to solutions for state fiscal issues. In response, Foraker President/CEO Laurie Wolf released this statement: Nonprofits provide essential services and enhance the quality of life for Alaskans. We already are helping to fill the gap between genuine need and what government provides. We contribute as … [ Read More ]

Aug 7, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

We need to hear from you about the immediate impacts of the state budget on your organization, the people you serve, and the staff you employ. We know that much of this impact has yet to fully be realized. However, we want to hear from you now to capture your first impressions, your first actions, … [ Read More ]

Jul 24, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

Like never before… You are rising up. You are anxious. You are using your voice. You are scared for the people you serve and for the state you love. You are showing up. Your efforts are making a difference. We hear you. We see you. We all understand that we face an unprecedented effort to … [ Read More ]

Jul 16, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

Thank you to all the nonprofit leaders who are offering public testimony on the state’s budget. We encourage more of you to do the same. During public testimony you are given just two minutes to make your point. Here are a few tips to make that time count: Start with your “call to action” – … [ Read More ]

Jul 12, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

There will be harm and unimaginable grief from the lack of an override today, but know that the fight is not over. The Legislature still has options and there will be action to take in the coming days and weeks. These are unprecedented times in our state and for our sector. And while I understand … [ Read More ]

Jul 10, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

Yesterday the House Finance Committee heard from many – including Foraker’s President/CEO Laurie Wolf, Diane Kaplan (Rasmuson Foundation), Jim Johnson (UAA), Becky Hultberg (Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association), Melanie Bahnke (Kawerak), and more – testifying on the impact of the Governor’s vetoes. You can listen to the recording here. You can read Laurie’s … [ Read More ]

Jul 3, 2019
Posted Under: Advocacy

Yesterday we hosted a conference call for Alaska’s nonprofits to talk about how we amplify the nonprofit community response to the line-item vetoes in Governor Dunleavy’s budget. Our message was clear. As a nonprofit, including 501(c)(3) organizations, you have a responsibility to stand for your mission and engage in public policy. There has never been … [ Read More ]