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Jul 29, 2020
Posted Under: Advocacy COVID

We know many of you have questions about the next federal relief packages.  Thanks to the National Council of Nonprofits for putting together this chart to document how nonprofits could be impacted in the various bills being proposed.  We are monitoring these options closely and will keep you informed as we continue to learn more.

Jul 24, 2020
Posted Under: Nonprofit News

We are thrilled with Mayor Berkowitz’s appointment of Heather Harris as Anchorage Health Department Director. Heather has been part of the Foraker family in many and varied ways. She worked on staff, graduated from Certificate and Catalyst, teaches for us, and joyfully mentors many emerging nonprofit leaders. She has been dedicated to our success and the success of nonprofits around the state. We know she will be successful in her new and important role at the municipality. We send her all our good wishes.

You can read the announcement from the mayor here.

Jul 20, 2020
Posted Under: Fundraising

Are you uncertain about how and when to reach out to your donors during this pandemic? Do you need help taking the next step forward and being held accountable to reaching out and asking your donors? Are you starting to panic about how to launch your end-of-year campaign?

If so, our fund development team is here to help! The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the fundraising efforts of many Alaska nonprofits. That’s why we are offering a new, short-term Fundraising Action Plan cohort that specifically guides you through the steps you need to take NOW to get you the funding results you want.

This is a hands-on experience that will require you to do homework and real-time work with your donors – with the support of your team, a cohort of peers, and Foraker’s fund development experts. You will walk away with specific tools customized for your organization to use immediately (including organized donor data, a calendar action plan and COVID-specific ask language).

Launching on September 21, the cohort will consist of four, 2-hour webinars of interactive instruction, as well as up to four hours of individual consultation and coaching time with the instructors.

This class is for Executive Directors. Up to 2 additional members of your staff and/or board are encouraged to participate and a board member is required to attend at least the first class. The total cost for each organization to participate is $1,350 or $1,100 for Partners.

Take a step toward putting your organization on healthier financial footing. APPLY TODAY. Applications are due August 17.


Class Topic When Where Board member attendance required?
1 Overview: Culture of philanthropy and understanding your donor data Monday, September 21, 1-3pm Zoom online Yes
2 Building better relationships with your donors Monday, October 5, 1-3pm Zoom online Optional
3 Reimagining events and planning your next moves Monday, October 19, 1-3pm Zoom online Optional
4 Crafting the right ask for right now and looking ahead Monday, November 2, 1-3pm Zoom online Optional



Jul 17, 2020
Posted Under: 2020 Census

Do you think this isn’t your issue? Think again. Every nonprofit mission, every community, every economy relies on an accurate census count. From ensuring voting rights to safe roads, to food security, to public education, to airports, to grocery stores – and for every federal dollar that comes directly and indirectly to your mission – the census matters. There is so much you can do, and now more than ever we need your action. In a recent interview on Alaska Public Media, Gabe Layman of the Alaska Census Working Group explains why. Listen here.

Jul 15, 2020
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We send our congratulations to the Rasmuson family and to the board and staff of Rasmuson Foundation who are celebrating 65 years of service to Alaska. In their annual Letter to Alaskans, Foundation Chairman Ed Rasmuson and President/CEO Diane Kaplan look back at the family’s rich history of “giving back” to Alaska communities. We encourage you to read the letter and learn more about the amazing work the foundation has accomplished over the years. We especially appreciate Rasmuson’s partnership in starting The Foraker Group and for their continued support of our work. Thank you for everything you do to make Alaska better for all of us.