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Jan 26, 2023
Posted Under: Fundraising Government

If you’re considering applying for federal funds or have general questions about federal funding resources, we’re offering individual appointments with Zoe Olson, our Federal Funding Navigator.

In these sessions, Zoe can help you navigate technical application questions and connect you with resources for learning about federal grant opportunities and grant writing resources as well as general questions about reporting and compliance.

Us our contact form to inquire about scheduling a 30 minute meeting. Please include a few sentences about your interest in federal grants.

Jan 24, 2023
Posted Under: DEI Governance

Alaska Board Match is an online match tool created to help nonprofits establish more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming board rooms. This site also assists in pairing Alaskans ready to serve local nonprofits in need of board members. Alaska Board Match is designed to address barriers to access of information, networks, and resources. Unfortunately, there is a historical gap in the demographics of many boards and the populations they serve. There is an increased demand nationwide to identify, recruit, and retain qualified candidates from under-represented groups who are diverse in race, age, gender, and lived experience. Also, a growing number of volunteers want to put their professional and personal skills to use in their communities. You can find the site here.



Jan 13, 2023
Posted Under: Foraker News

The Foraker office will be closed on Monday as we reflect and commit again to our own role in creating and sustaining just and welcoming nonprofits that serve our communities.

Jan 10, 2023
Posted Under: President's letter

As I look back on 2022 – frankly, I am amazed. Most of the nonprofits I know and the people who work and volunteer at them were running on much less than a full tank when we started the last year. Some of you crossed into 2022 already running on fumes as you faced the relentless string of truths about our existence. Individually and collectively, we confronted business models in disarray as a result of the pandemic – mission-based programming askew based on overdue state and government grants and contracts – staff that for the first time were leaving in record numbers – board members who were rethinking their roles and commitments – and on and on. You lived these truths every day, so I know you have your own list, too. Knowing all of this is likely still looming large in your mind and organizational ether, I am choosing to be happily amazed and inspired that each of you are still here – that you are all still at it. Seriously, take a moment to breathe in the fact that you did it!

If 2023 is going to be different – and let’s face it, we need it to be different – then what can we do to shine a light on a healthier, happier path? What can we do to let the light guide the way rather than seeing it as another train coming toward us? I am excited about the idea of seeing the positive light ahead, of being the light for others, of creating space for more light. Whichever version of this is right for you and your mission, I encourage you to shine brightly.

A wise person shared the notion with me once that if we try to shine a flashlight on everything, we see very little. But if we focus our light, we can see much more clearly. I love this idea. As a facilitator of many planning processes, I can get behind the idea of becoming clear about where to shine the light to achieve clarity but also to harness energy and enthusiasm for a path forward.

The tools we use to find the light ahead are often planning documents (at least the useful ones). These can be more mission focused like strategic or annual plans, or more like fundraising, communication, or project-based plans. In all cases, the light in these plans comes from articulating the “why” not just the “how” and the “when.” This is a perfect time of year to brush off your plans and feel the energy in them or revisit them to put back the energy. It is in this collective effort that we can share the light as a means to restock, refuel, and regroup with our team for the road ahead.

The past few years have been so isolating and fragmented. The work environment is forever changed for so many both in thoughtful and other ways. I know many are considering how to find sparks of joy with team members, both board and staff. This might be the hardest work we do together in 2023 because there is no one path – no one way – and no expert to tell us the answer. In every workplace we will have to find the way forward and light the way with each other.

At Foraker we are pulling together some bright lights to help you on your journey this year. My hope is that they illuminate the path to make your steps a little easier. My hope is that they also offer a chance for us to see each other more clearly – to come together more often – to find more solutions to issues that sometimes sit in the shadows.

Here are the first ways we hope to light the path in this new year.

  1. Our newly released 2022 Salary and Benefits Report: Employee recruitment and retention is at the heart of so much of our thinking right now. Creating workplaces that are welcoming and foster a sense of belonging are essential pieces to the puzzle and with that effort comes the need to provide pay and benefits that are competitive in the marketplace. Additionally, understanding the larger issues of the gender pay gap and its impact in our workplaces is a topic for every one of our organizations to help solve. You can download a free copy of the Executive Summary that includes conversations about the pay gap or purchase the full report. May this data light the way to action in your workplace and in the halls of Juneau and DC.
  2. Annual nonprofit public policy priorities: Every year, after listening to as many of you as we can about the issues you face, the Foraker boards come together to craft a list of our nonpartisan, sector-wide public policy priorities. You can see the highlights here and we encourage you to join us at our regular Advocacy in Action gatherings to share your ideas, hear the concerns across the sector, and strengthen our voices together for Alaska. May this light the way as we work toward common policy goals across the state.
  3. First of its kind Alaska Board Match site: We know there are many barriers in recruiting and retaining strong boards to serve Alaska’s nonprofit sector. A thoughtful plan includes conscious choices about composition, mission, and the community. Once that plan is in place, the work of recruitment begins. The Alaska Board Match site, which will officially launch in the coming weeks, is the perfect tool to break down assumptions, gain access to new and diverse constituents, and begin the journey of a mutually beneficial relationship that serves Alaska. May this light the way to new and more diverse board members.
  4. The 2022 Foraker Leadership Summit – back in person: Every two years we create the space for the largest gathering of nonprofit board and staff in the state. We were virtual in 2021 and we are thrilled to be back in person this year. Mark your calendars for May 11-12 in Anchorage with a virtual pre-conference on May 4. This year the theme is Reimagining the Way We Work. May this high-energy thought-provoking summit light the way to learn together how to move forward with strength.
  5. Of course, there are many other ways we can stand beside you to light the way. Check out our newsletter from last September that articulates more options. Call us at 907-743-1200 or email us for customized support.

May any of these options and so many more allow us to shine the light in 2023 in ways that bring us strength, joy, and gratitude, and help to keep us effective and grounded in our mission work.

With so much gratitude for the light you bring.



Dec 28, 2022
Posted Under: Foraker News
As nonprofit leaders, it’s essential that we have the tools to make informed decisions. One of those tools is our Salary and Benefits Report – which gives us context and a comparative benchmark for compensation in Alaska’s nonprofit sector.

What’s in the report?

The 2022 Salary and Benefits Report features:

  • Salary data for 46 positions including executive director, finance director, development director, administrative support, accountants, clinical support, and program staff
  • Data from organizations with budgets ranging from less than $100,000 to over $10 million
  • Regional breakdown of data from Southcentral, Interior, and Southeast Alaska
  • Benefit data on medical, dental, vision, holidays and leave, retirement plans, life insurance, and more
  • Data on gender pay gap challenges and opportunities
  • Observations on the impact of COVID on the operations of Alaska nonprofits

How much does it cost?

The Executive Summary is provided free of charge. If your organization did not participate in the survey, you can purchase the report on our website. For those that did participate, you can email Rachael Thain at to receive a discount. The report is available at the following rates:

  • Foraker Partners that participated in the survey — $220
  • Foraker Partners that did not participate in the survey — $295
  • Other nonprofit organizations that participated in the survey — $270
  • Other nonprofit organizations that did not participate in the survey — $345

Our Financial Shared Services clients that participated are eligible to purchase the survey for $180.

Thank you, again, to those who took part in our survey and to Mutual of America for their sponsorship.

You can purchase the report here.