Board Development

A highly functioning board will guide your nonprofit into the future.

Board Consultation

Do you have questions about best practices in board governance? Do you need guidance on effective board roles and responsibilities, use of committees, or challenging board member dynamics? Our board development team is here for you.

At some point, every nonprofit leader wrestles with board issues. It may be as simple as how to develop an effective board meeting agenda, or as complex as dealing with board dynamics. Or perhaps it’s just validating what you are already doing. Our consulting team is experienced in all aspects of board matters and can be a valuable resource for you and your organization.

For more information on how we can help, use our contact form or call us at 907-743-1200.

Board Facilitation

Are you looking for ways to be more effective or to solve a problem or to learn and grow together as a team? We believe that using an experienced facilitator will help you get to the results your team needs.

At Foraker we believe our role is convener, facilitator, and at times guide on your sustainability journey. Our customized approach ensures you are getting to the results you need and that you are moving your mission forward.

We will create a customized and engaging process that encourages everyone to contribute to the topics at hand.

Below are just a few of the topics we can address during a facilitation:

  • Recruiting and retaining board members
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities and establishing job descriptions for each role
  • Establishing effective committees
  • Working through issues that are “hot topics” for your organization
  • Developing positive team dynamics
  • Facilitating a successful board/CEO relationship
  • Drafting effective board and committee job descriptions
  • Providing strategies for board philanthropic giving
  • Planning of all types including strategic and annual planning

Board Courses

Training is important no matter how skilled you are in a particular area. It can give you new ways of viewing an idea or concept, and increase your knowledge on a specific subject.

We offer courses in many areas of board development. Don’t see a subject you need? No problem, use our contact form or call us at 907-743-1200 to explore the possibilities.

We also offer classes to help the board with financial stewardship, human resources, fundraising, and engaging in public policy.

Board Resources

Find tools and resources to improve your board development.

Alaska Nonprofit Boards Meeting And Voting Electronically, A Primer (201.3 KB)
This document helps to answer two common questions we receive: can our board meet electronically, through a program like Zoom or Skype? and can our board vote on a question by email?
Board Chair Job Description (137.2 KB)
A sample board chair job description.
Board Committee Guidelines (182.2 KB)
A guide in developing the activities of a task force or ad hoc committee.
Board Meeting Agenda Template (143.4 KB)
Agendas will vary depending on the size of the board and issues it faces. This template provides an outline of how to build an agenda that will enable effective and efficient meetings.
Board Meeting Minutes Template (130.0 KB)
Board minutes should contain the decisions made during a meeting, along with the essential elements of the discussion that led to decisions. This template will help you capture the information that needs to be part of the record the board must maintain.
Board Member Job Description (187.6 KB)
A sample job description for your board members.
Board Recruitment Matrix (238.7 KB)
Do you need to bring new people onto your board? Filling out this matrix will ensure you recruit the right people for the next 3-5 years.
Checklist For Directors And Officers Insurance Policies (138.8 KB)
Does your organization need D&O insurance? This checklist will help you decide and guide you in deciding what should be covered.
Example Board Development Committee Job Description (243.4 KB)
A sample job description for the members of the board development committee.
Using Mission Moments To Connect Your Team (181.2 KB)
Mission moments set the stage for everyone in the room to get grounded to the mission and the agenda of the meeting. Here are some options for crafting your mission moment.

Alaska Board Match

Connecting for diverse and inclusive Alaska Nonprofit Boards.

Alaska Board Match is an online match tool created to help nonprofits establish more diverse, inclusive and welcoming board rooms. This site also assists in pairing Alaskans ready to serve local nonprofits in need of the right board members at the right time.Visit