Our Donors

Donor support is critical to the success of Foraker and the sector. We are grateful to each of you, and thank you for your generosity.

Vision Partners

We call our donors “Vision Partners” because they embrace the vision of a strong Alaska nonprofit sector – one that partners effectively across the state to deliver programs and services to Alaskans.

Vision Partners make Foraker’s work come alive. Successful nonprofits – those that fully serve their communities and bolster our economy – must be strong, stable, and ready to innovate and collaborate. Foraker offers Alaska nonprofits and tribes the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to thrive. Our Vision Partners make it all possible with their support of these elements of Foraker’s mission.

Celebrating Our Vision Partners

Core Vision Partners ($25,000+)
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Sustainability Partners ($10,000 – $25,000)
Leadership Partners ($1,000 to $10,000)
Alaska Communications
Doyon, Limited

Providence Health Alaska

Meera Kohler
Thomas Paramaroff
Pat Branson
Greg Deal
Edgar Villanueva
Partners (Up to $1,000)
Mike Abbott
Nils Andreassen
Richard Childs
Valerie Davidson
William Finley
Jaeleen Kookesh
Wendy Lindskoog
Kris Norosz
Bryan Butcher
Hans Neidig
Bruce Botelho
Koniag Inc.
Ella Goss
Michael Fredericks
Michelle DeWitt
Jon Beaupre
Tim Thompson
Chellie Skoog
Amy Skilbred
Geri Simon
Aleesha Town-Bain
Eric Troyer
Dylan Faber
Elizabeth Ripley
Laurie Wolf
Koniag, Inc

Pick.Click.Give. Partners

Foraker is proud to be a founding partner in Pick.Click.Give. We view Pick.Click.Give. as a means to celebrate and grow individual philanthropy in Alaska.

We thank those who donated to Foraker and other nonprofits through Pick.Click.Give. Together we are creating a thriving nonprofit sector that meets diverse community needs.

Celebrating our Pick.Click.Give. Partners

Stephanie Allen
Lisa Aquino
Branden Bornemann
Elizabeth Burke
Laura Cameron
Mara Carnahan
Amalie Couvillion
Angela Cox
Elizabeth David
Robin Dern
Michele Girault
Diane Kaplan
Gabe Layman
Wendy Lindskoog
Jillian Lush
Jordan Marshall
Joel Neimeyer
Evelyn Rousso
Rebecca Savidis
Chellie Skoog
John Van Alstine
Sherri Von Wolfe
Bernie Washington
Thea Whitehead
Laurie Wolf

Momentum Circle Members

The Momentum Circle honors current and former Foraker board members and staff who recognize the value of a strong and healthy nonprofit sector in Alaska through their gifts to Foraker.

As a member of the Momentum Circle, donors are invited to special briefings and events as well as opportunities to connect with our current board and staff on sector issues. We also offer attendance at community classes at no charge.

Celebrating our Momentum Circle Members

Steve Marshall
Elizabeth Ripley
Jeff Cook
Joan O’Keefe
Meera Kohler
Thomas Paramaroff
Mike Abbott
Valerie Davidson
Pat Bransen
Bryan Butcher
Kris Norosz
Wendy Lindskoog
Geri Simon
Dylan Faber
Aleesha Towns-Bain
Ella Goss
Jaeleen Kookesh

Leadership Summit Sponsors

Every two years, we bring together national and international leaders in the sector who are transforming the way we work through their innovative thinking and practical experience. Our sponsors make this premiere event possible.

Whether participants come as a board member, staff, volunteer, or donor, they experience two days of learning, sharing, reflecting, and networking. That’s the promise of our Leadership Summit.

Celebrating our 2021 Leadership Summit Sponsors

Rasmuson Foundation
Mat-Su Health Foundation
Serve Alaska
Providence Health & Services
Alaska Children’s Trust
Denali Daniels & Associates

Alice Galvin Catalyst Leadership Fund Donors

Foraker offers financial support to participants in the Catalyst for Nonprofit Excellence program through the Alice Galvin Catalyst Leadership Fund.

All gifts to the fund, along with a sustaining gift from BP, are used as scholarships to reduce the cost of tuition and provide travel support that ensures each cohort represents leaders across the state.

Celebrating our Catalyst Leadership Fund Donors

Allison Fong
Travis Gilmour
Ken Grossman
Angela Kuest
Kris Norosz
Providence Health & Services
Victoria Shanklin
Chellie Skoog
Dan Sullivan
Laurie Wolf