Human Resources

A strong HR function is essential to managing an organization.

HR Consultation

Do you have questions about best practices in HR? Do you need guidance on supervisory strategies or work place rules and regulations? Our HR team is here for you.

Some nonprofits don’t have the luxury of a human resources expert on staff, so the function is assigned to other staff or the board. Since those individuals usually aren’t steeped in the discipline of HR, having assistance is invaluable, especially when there is an employee issue or concern. We have HR professionals who can help you with a wide-range of subjects. We stay current on workplace rules, regulations, and laws, and we can assist you with even the most sensitive matter.

For more information on how we can help, use our contact form or call us at 907-743-1200.

HR Performance Evaluation

Evaluating employee performance – either executive or staff – is a critical function for every nonprofit. How well does your organization conduct performance evaluations?

Timely, constructive feedback can create healthy environments for our staff to flourish and our missions to advance. A range of tools and approaches are available that make evaluating employees a much easier process. Using proven methods, our human resources team works directly with your board and/or your leadership staff to develop appropriate strategies for evaluating employees. If you are looking for an overview, we also offer a course where you can learn the components of an effective performance evaluation for executives and professional employees.

HR Recruitment

How do you find the right person to join your team? Are you looking for someone who not only has the required experience, but also shares your passion for the organization’s mission and will fit into your culture? We can help with that.

One component of the Foraker Nonprofit Sustainability Model is recruiting and retaining the right people at the right time. We support your organization in pursuit of the right people with recruitment efforts that are customized to your mission, values, and organizational culture. We offer a comprehensive service called Leadership Transition to help your organization navigate a smooth transition from one leader to another. At this time we do not offer search as a stand-alone service.

HR Mentoring

Does the person responsible for your human resources management need help to understand workplace rules and regulations? Are you in charge of HR but have limited experience? Would your organization benefit by having someone to talk with who could offer guidance and support?

A mentor is someone who is called upon for their experience and guidance. Our mentors can support you in finding creative ways that are grounded in best practices to deal with everyday challenges facing both you and your organization. Mentoring at Foraker typically occurs via distance delivery allowing for flexibility, statewide accessibility, and affordability. While you determine the exact topics you need to explore, here are some topics many of our mentees have found valuable:

  • Building relationships with other human resources professionals
  • Applying learning to real-world situations
  • Understanding best practices and staying current on changes

HR Audit

When was the last time you performed a comprehensive review of your human resources function? We offer an HR audit that can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Human resources rules and regulations are one of the most fluid areas in your organization. Some of the ways we can help you include:

  • Conducting an audit where we review the organization’s current HR function and practices
  • Reviewing recordkeeping practices to make sure you are up-to-date and documenting correctly
  • Making sure all the required documents are properly displayed in your workplace
  • Keeping a watchful eye on compliance when you have the luxury of being proactive rather than addressing it in a time of crisis. Compliance topics may include:
    • Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9
    • Anti-discrimination policies, workplace, and boardroom culture
    • Anti-harassment policies
    • Compliance in personnel files
    • HIPAA risk assessment
    • Federal and state wage and hour provisions

Compensation & Benefits

Do you know if your organization is providing equitable compensation and benefits to all of your employees? Would you like to learn what others are doing in this area?

We believe that employees should make an equitable and living wage and have access to benefits. While this can be a challenge, our hope is that each organization is positioned to recruit and retain top talent. It’s important to understand how your compensation and benefits compare with other organizations. This will allow you to hire the best people at a fair and equitable wage.

We provide a comprehensive view of your compensation and benefits program that includes:

  • Evaluating each position for correct classification according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Reviewing salaries and wages to ensure an employee’s rate of pay is correctly positioned within the organization
  • Establishing salary guidelines and wage scales for your organization
  • Evaluating your full benefit plan, which may include medical, dental, and vision plans as well as other benefits that are attractive to employees
  • Evaluating employee benefit options

In addition to these services, we produce a comprehensive Salary and Benefits Report every two years which is available for purchase. The report features salary data for 46 positions including executive director, finance director, development director, administrative support, accountants, clinical support, and program staff. It also includes benefit data on medical, dental, vision, holidays and leave, retirement plans, life insurance, and more.

Workplace Investigations

Are you in a position in which you need a workplace investigation? While Foraker cannot provide you legal advice, we can work with the board and leadership staff to conduct an investigation to ascertain the key issues and provide conflict resolution facilitation.

Investigating workplace situations can be both sensitive and stressful. Our team conducts confidential, non-legal investigations on behalf of your organization on topics that can include:

  • Employee misconduct
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination and harassment based on other protected classes by law and by your employee policies

The best time to conduct a workplace investigation is as soon as the board and/or leadership staff identify that something is wrong. Typically these issues don’t resolve themselves, so the quicker the organization takes action the better it will be for the people involved and the organization.

Employee Manual

Do you have an employee manual that covers policies, procedures, and current organizational culture? Is your employee manual current? Does it provide the right information to support the organization based on size and complexity?

Your employee manual can either protect your organization or possibly put it at risk. We can help you assess your current manual or help you develop a new one. Some of the areas we focus on include:

  • Identifying the elements that are mandatory in your manual, and what parts are optional
  • Making sure your manual is based on your organization’s size and addresses your conditions of employment
  • Understanding how your manual supports your operations and reflects the culture of your organization

We will help you develop a manual that works for you based on best practices and specific rules and regulations.

HR Resources

Find tools and resources related to HR.

Anti-Harassment Policy Example (709.4 KB)
Refer to this example to help develop an appropriate anti-harassment policy for your organization.
Document Retention Policy Example (131.1 KB)
Do you have a system for keeping track of important organizational documents? Refer to this example to help develop an appropriate document retention policy for your organization.
Employee Protection Policy Example (135.2 KB)
A template for creating your organizations Employee Protection Policy, otherwise known as a whistleblower policy.
Managing Layoffs, Furloughs, And Reductions In Force (823.3 KB)
A guide to managing a sudden reduction in staff.
Sharing Your Personal Diversity Story At Work, Tips And Reminders (185.8 KB)
Sharing personal stories about one’s own diversity and experience with equity and inclusion set the stage for everyone in the room to get grounded to the real world experiences of why diversity, equity, and inclusion matters. Here are some tips and reminders.
Staff Recognition Preference Worksheet (111.6 KB)
This short survey can help you better understand the recognition that employees in your organization would appreciate receiving.
Tips For Reviewing Your Employee Handbook With A DEI Lens (190.1 KB)
This document is about reviewing your words, policies, and practices – those that exist and those that are missing through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.