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Jun 6, 2016
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For the next six weeks Foraker will be highlighting Catalyst for Nonprofit Excellence graduates – nonprofit leaders from around the state who are working together to strengthen our communities. These are their “Catalyst” stories. For more information about the program click here – the deadline to apply is July 15.

The first story is from a nonprofit leader who hails from Nome:

mary 2

photo credit Ash Adams

Mary David – Nome, AK
Executive Vice President, Kawerak, Inc.

As I near 50, it’s important for me to think about the legacy that I’d like to leave behind. What has been instilled in me is to think about the generations to come and the importance of protecting our environment so that we can enjoy it long into the future. Taking Catalyst – I was reminded of the vision I have for the future. It was an opportunity for me to think about how I can take action and contribute to my community and people in a way that is meaningful to me.

When I first became interested in Catalyst, I had reservations about how beneficial it would be for me. I learned that no matter your age or place in your career, Catalyst can change you. For me, it helped bridge what is important to me personally with my work life. It allowed for a deeper level of exploration and inspired me to move forward with more intention and purpose.

Creativity, learning, and having a connection to others and my environment are important to me. Catalyst has inspired me to think about succession planning and mentoring the next generation of leaders so that through them, we continue to perpetuate our culture and protect our environment. Everyone leaves Catalyst better than when they started; I certainly did.