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Feb 9, 2023
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Last March, we launched our Pre-Development toolkit for organizations planning new facilities, expanding existing ones, or renovating. The site is chock-full of guidance and resources and we want to know – is it helping? If you have used the site, please provide us with quick feedback in this short survey…. Read more »

Feb 8, 2023
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  We welcome Dylan Faber, Liz Qaulluq Cravalho, Dr. Pearl Kiyawn Brower, and Tim Thompson– all previous Foraker Operations Board Members – to our Governance Board. We are incredibly grateful for their dedication in serving on our board and strengthening Alaska’s nonprofit sector. Learn more about our board here…. Read more »

Jan 13, 2023
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The Foraker office will be closed on Monday as we reflect and commit again to our own role in creating and sustaining just and welcoming nonprofits that serve our communities…. Read more »

Dec 28, 2022
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As nonprofit leaders, it’s essential that we have the tools to make informed decisions. One of those tools is our Salary and Benefits Report – which gives us context and a comparative benchmark for compensation in Alaska’s nonprofit sector. What’s in the report? The 2022 Salary and Benefits Report features: Salary data for 46 positions including executive director, finance director, development director, administrative support, accountants, clinical support, and program staff Data from organizations with budgets ranging from less than $100,000 to over $10 million Regional breakdown of data from Southcentral, Interior, and Southeast Alaska Benefit data on medical, dental, vision, holidays and leave, retirement plans, life insurance, and more Data on gender pay gap challenges and opportunities Observations on the impact of COVID on the operations of Alaska nonprofits How much does it cost? The Executive Summary is provided free… Read more »

Dec 16, 2022
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Foraker is thrilled to welcome home Gretchen Guess as the new President and CEO of the Rasmuson Foundation. We are looking forward to working alongside Gretchen and the whole team to strengthen Alaska’s nonprofits, tribes, and communities. Gretchen’s previous professional and volunteer commitments position her to be a thoughtful listener and a ready partner across the diversity of people, places, and organizations across Alaska. Congratulations Gretchen and the whole Rasmuson team. Learn more in their press release:…/foundations-new-ceo-comes-home…/… Read more »

Nov 23, 2022
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Thanksgiving often brings us an opportunity to share time in our home or the homes of family and friends. Home can conjure up good thoughts and also reminds us of life’s challenges. I am thankful for many definitions of home. One of those is the definition of the nonprofit sector itself — a home with a strong foundation that we build upon every day. Our sector is built on community. We are on the ground working with our neighbors and working to improve the places we live. We are woven together by our diverse people, neighborhoods, and country, and we are stronger as a result. Our sector is built on partnerships. We are relationship-based, and we know that each connection with other organizations, businesses, and government strengthens our work and creates more lasting… Read more »

Apr 28, 2022
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On a warm east coast day, I walked into a scene that many in the field relish – the sight of 100+ people from at least ten different arts and culture organizations diving into their missions with full enthusiasm and ready – really ready – for what would emerge. This was the backdrop of my first extended visit with Richard Evans. From that moment, I knew that not only would Alaska benefit but so would all of us at Foraker. Oh gosh, was that so true. Richard made many visits to Alaska – presenting at two Leadership Summits and working very intensely with arts groups from all parts of the state to inspire deep and meaningful civic practice work. He also spent a lot of time with the Foraker team… Read more »

Apr 11, 2022
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We recently teamed up with Mutual of America to offer your organization a comprehensive array of retirement services in what is called a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) 403(b). This is an opportunity to provide an important benefit to your employees at an affordable cost. Each organization can customize their plan by choosing eligibility, contribution rates, and vesting. We’re hosting two sessions for you to hear from local Mutual of America representatives to help you decide if joining the MEP is right for your organization. Please join on either April 26 or April 27 from 10:00 – 11:00 am to learn more. You can register here.  If you are unable to join us at this time, but want to learn more – reach out to Alaska-based Mutual of America representatives by calling 907.274.7449 or… Read more »

Mar 28, 2022
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We are excited to launch a new tool for organizations that may be considering a capital project, whether it’s constructing a new facility or renovating a current building to better serve your mission. We know this can be a daunting task. Our new Pre-Development Online Toolkit is designed to assist you. This toolkit is much more than a few instruction sheets and checklists. It brings together the experiences of many organizations that have gone through our Pre-D program. It offers guidance and tools to assist board and staff to educate themselves, explore options, and make informed decisions. With the influx of federal dollars from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, it is more important than ever that organizations, governments, and tribes are prepared to use those funds as efficiently and effectively as they… Read more »

Feb 17, 2022
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We are excited to welcome five new board members: Sabrena Combs, Palmer City Council Member Steve Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority Theresa Lyons, Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Alaska Lina Mariscal, Executive Director, Enlaces Lucy Hansen, Director of Operations, Polynesian Association of Alaska We have also welcomed several new staff and consultants to our team: Mandy Ramsay, Finance Director Chris Maguigan, Staff Accountant Karen Kuhns-Hulse, Staff Accountant Tyan Hayes, Consultant (interim executive director, leadership mentoring) Liz MacDonell, Consultant (fund development, planned giving, and capital campaign support) Zoe Olson, Consultant (Sultana) Toby Smith, Consultant (Finance, Sultana, interim executive director) Sherri vonWolfe, Consultant (Pre-Development project) You can learn more about our team here…. Read more »