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Jul 6, 2016
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Christy Cincotta – Anchorage, AK
Executive Director, Tyonek Tribal Conservation District
Mat-Su Basin Salmon Habitat Partnership Steering Committee Member
Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership Steering Committee Member

I am a goal-oriented person – I have a “plan” for most things in my life. Even my down time is planned out, usually on paper in the form of a list. Which is why, when I felt uncertain about the future, I spent a lot of time and energy wondering “what’s next”

Catalyst created space for me to clarify that I wanted to be exactly where I was, that I wanted to plant roots in Anchorage and to continue working in a place I love and for an organization I really care about.  I have found that in the process of practicing leadership, I’ve become better at giving myself the life that I want.  My husband and I bought our first house this summer – a place where I can live out my conservation values (gardening, reducing plastic use, supporting goat herd shares!), build community, and maybe someday raise a family.

One of the things I most cherish from the Catalyst program is the opportunity to develop relationships with incredible colleagues.  The people I have met don’t shy away from the tough questions; they lend support, and celebrate successes. I know that I have a group of people with a shared language to talk about big life decisions.