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Jun 20, 2016
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For the next few weeks Foraker will be highlighting Catalyst for Nonprofit Excellence graduates – nonprofit leaders from around the state who are working together to strengthen our communities. These are their “Catalyst” stories. For more information about the program click here – the deadline to apply is July 15.

stephanie 1Stephanie Berglund – Anchorage, AK
CEO, thread
Alaska Association for the Education of Young Children board member

As I read over the Catalyst program material, one benefit stuck out: “experience more work life balance.” I had been internally promoted from the COO to the CEO of thread, and I had a lot of people vying for my time. As someone who is driven to do good work, it was hard for me to find enough time for work without feeling like I wasn’t getting in enough family time. Catalyst gave me the tools to get to the root of my time issue – in understanding it, I could address it. I was able to identify activities that recharge me and focus on how I can build those into every day. Catalyst pushed me to reach for big ideas at work and in my personal life. Three years later, I’m still working on the goals I set for myself in the program – tracking my organization’s impact through internal and external dashboards, and giving myself permission to focus on my well-being.

photo credit Ash Adams