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Our team is committed to your success.

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Foraker strives to provide Alaska nonprofits and tribes the tools they need to deliver the highest quality of service to their communities.

We engage a highly professional cadre of experts with years of experience. They are specialists in all aspects of nonprofits and tribal governance, such as board and leadership development, fundraising, human resources, finances, marketing and planning.  Our team is committed to your success.

Board Development
A highly functioning board will guide your nonprofit into the future.

Collaboration & Mergers
No organization can achieve mission alone.

Diversity & Inclusion
Guiding your organization in your journey to be more diverse, equitable, and welcoming.

Financial Management
Prudently managing an organization’s finances is the responsibility of both board and staff.

Fiscal Sponsorship
Do you have an idea or a collaborative project that needs space to grow?

A successful fundraising culture always puts the donor first.

Interim Executives
Leadership during a time of change

Leadership Development
Leadership is not about your title, it’s about how you show up.

Human Resources
A strong HR function is essential to managing an organization.

Marketing & Communication
Donors, volunteers, and others engage with your mission when they hear your story.

Planning and Structure
Strategic conversations will set up your organization to thrive.

Planning new facilities, expanding existing ones, or renovating requires specialized guidance and resources.