Planning new facilities, expanding existing ones, or renovating requires specialized guidance and resources.


“Pre-development” describes the phase of a capital project between the origination of the concept and the initiation of design. It is the period of gathering information, exploring options, and making decisions about the direction of a project. Inadequate planning during this phase can result in projects that are not sustainable.


Founded in 2006, the Pre-Development Program was formed as a collaboration of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, Denali Commission, Mat-Su Health Foundation, and Rasmuson Foundation. Foraker has served as the Pre-D coordinator and provided educational resources, along with experts who helped organizations develop their projects.

The intent of Pre-D is to ensure sustainable projects that are well conceived and are the right size and scope to meet the organization’s mission for years to come.

We have been proud to work with our funding partners to serve more than 100 organizations who have been part of the program. These organizations – including nonprofits, borough governments, and tribes – have gone on to successfully complete a variety of projects across the state including libraries, museums, senior housing, homeless shelters, health clinics, community centers, and domestic abuse shelters.

Currently Pre-D is not accepting new project applications.

Foraker remains committed to offering resources and answering questions you may have about preparing for your capital project. Contact us for a consultation or to learn about our Pre-D courses.

If your organization is considering a capital project, we encourage you to review a handbook we developed – Preparing to Fund Your Capital Project in Alaska and Beyond – which is available at no charge.

We thank our funding partners and all the organizations that have worked with us to make Pre-D a successful program.


Alaska Libraries And Museums Report (714.5 KB)
A 2007 report on lessons learned from recent library and museum projects. Compiled for Foraker’s Pre-Development Program.
Breaking Ground - Annie E Casey Foundation (3.2 MB)
A comprehensive planning guide for health center capital projects.
Cost Containment Analysis and Evaluation for Selected Denali Commission Projects (465.5 KB)
This report outlines benchmarks that can be used to develop cost-effective projects in rural Alaska.
Infrastructure Needs of Alaska Museums and Capital Improvement Planning Guide (2.0 MB)
A 2014 report to help determine funding and technical assistance requirements for museum projects. Compiled for Foraker’s Pre-Development Program.
Pre-D Process Flowchart (120.0 KB)
Many steps exist to develop a truly sustainable capital project. Follow the flowchart in this document to better understand how to plan a successful project.
Preparing To Fund Your Capital Project In Alaska And Beyond (2.9 MB)
Raising funds for a capital project may be one of the biggest tasks an organization undertakes. This guide provides an overview of funding options that are available so you can decide what’s appropriate for your project.
What Is A Sustainable Capital Project (121.9 KB)
The right capital project can contribute to the sustainability of an organization while the wrong project can threaten it. This document explains the primary aspects of a sustainable capital project.