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Chellie Skoog has been named the new Vice President of Programs for The Foraker Group. Chellie is already familiar to many Foraker Partners. She has been teaching and consulting with us since 2013. Her specialty is helping organizations better manage their financial affairs, and she’s noted for assisting nonprofits that are facing fiscal challenges.

Chellie says she is “excited to do the work that advances the health and well-being of communities around Alaska.” She calls Alaska nonprofits “unsung heroes” with staff and boards doing amazing things that frequently go unnoticed in the community.

In announcing Chellie’s appointment, Foraker President/CEO Laurie Wolf said that Chellie brings “commitment, skills, and leadership to Foraker’s mission of strengthening Alaska’s nonprofits. We are very excited about what she’s going to accomplish in her new position.”

Laurie praised Chellie for her creation of Foraker’s Indicators of Financial Crisis, a user-friendly checklist that can help an organization spot if it is headed toward serious financial problems. She said the tool, which was launched at this year’s Leadership Summit, has already helped several nonprofits avoid situations that could have resulted in financial damage.

In addition to overseeing all Foraker programs, Chellie will continue working with Partners on their financial management, business planning, and scenario planning. She will also teach classes and be available for one-on-one consulting.

Chellie says she fully embraces Foraker’s Theory of Change and the Foraker Nonprofit Sustainability Model. “I’m especially excited about new opportunities to work collaboratively with our Partners and other organizations around the state. I believe that by working together we can accomplish so much more – and often with fewer resources.”

Chellie is a graduate of the Catalyst for Nonprofit Excellence and the Foraker Certificate in Nonprofit Management programs and co-teaches the certificate’s Budget and Finance class. She helped to establish the Leadership Anchorage Alumni Council after participating in the 2014 cohort and is now a board member at The Alaska Humanities Forum. Chellie is an active member of her community. Before moving to Anchorage, she lived in Seward where she led initiatives to build the Seward Community Playground, to launch the Seward Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Alaska Community Foundation, and to raise funds to construct the Seward Community Library Museum. When not working, Chellie spends her time with her family exploring the great outdoors.

Thanks to the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust for supporting Foraker as we transition and grow. 

Join Chellie for the following upcoming sessions:

September 12
Assessing the Financial Health of Your Organization: How to Know if You are in Crisis

September 28
Financial Statements for Beginners 

October 26 – Fairbanks
Budgeting for Nonprofits
Business Planning for Nonprofits 

November 2
Ask the Expert – Money Management: Your Internal Controls


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