Standing Beside Alaska's Non-Profits

The Foraker Group Blog

A special thanks to those who who donated to Foraker through Pick.Click.Give.!

We’re honored that our work is among the causes you care most about – together we are creating a thriving nonprofit sector that meets diverse community needs across the state.

Thank you all!:

  • Stephanie Allen
  • Lisa Aquino
  • Bruce Botelho
  • Angela Cox
  • Patuk Glenn
  • Zane Jones
  • Diane Kaplan
  • Gabe Layman
  • Jillian Lush
  • Jordan Marshall
  • Joel Neimeyer
  • Joan O’Keefe
  • Deena Bishop
  • Rebecca Savidis
  • Chellie Skoog
  • Joy Steward
  • John Van Alstine
  • Bernie Washington
  • Laurie Wolf
  • Anonymous x2


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